Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Fives!

Woooooooooooooo it's Friday!!!! Today was the last day of the semester for the kids and rightfully so because they stopped pretending to give a shit what we were saying on Wednesday anyway. I have to work this weekend but I get to blare the music while I work on the classroom and lesson plans that I have as "homework" for the holiday break...and then.....a month off. Yes. 4 1/2 weeks to be exact. Be jealous. You damn well should be. 

Anyway...the fun for Friday! 

My new blog design and name is finally ready and will be up at some point this weekend. If you see it before Monday's post awesomesauce if not come back Monday please, and thank you. 

2. There will be a giveaway starting on Monday to celebrate my 2 year blogiversary and the changes around here. I think its awesome because I have never had a giveaway before. I am super excited!!! 

I am looking for guest posters for anytime in the next 3 1/2 weeks! I will be traveling for all of it and don't want too MIA! So if you are interested I would love it!! I am open to ideas but I think something to do with your favorite vacation or dream vacation would be fun!! 

Packing sucks. yes. Yes it does. I am going to be in 90° for most of the trip but then I am spending a week and 1/2 in freezing cold weather up in Beijing. Ooh and I am trying not to pack a giant suitcase either. Ha! yes I know. 

The thing I am most excited about right now? Getting an effing mani/pedi on Monday! I have not been allowed to paint my nails in 5 months! I am so excited to walk around with pretty nails again!!!!

Its Friday so smile!!!  


Lauren said...

Yay for a giveaway & being able to paint your nails :-) Have a great weekend!!!!!

Tasia said...

Oohhh a giveaway AND pretty nails?! Sounds like your going to have an awesome next few days.

Being a guest blogger sounds fun...especially writing about a favorite or dream vacation. I think I might be interested! You can e-mail me at if you're still lookin'!

Monica said...

WOW!! Someone's having a good day :>)I am totally jealous on the 4 1/2 weeks off! How freakin cool is that..... Can't wait to see your new blog design! Have a great vacation and don't get too wild OR DO!!

jessica renee said...

Yay for a music blasting weekend!! Enjoy it! And I can't wait to see your new blog design :)

Miranda said...

i love all of this! i can't wait to see your design, hear about your vacation, and see your giveaway! if you want me to guess post let me know! no promises it will be great lol

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