Friday, January 4, 2013

Hong Kong part II

In case you are just stopping by and didn't here I spent NYE in Hong Kong with some of my foreign teacher friends. We decided to make the best of the 3 days we had off and spend them bumming around HK exploring. I knew I was going to be back there next month during my holiday  break so I didn't want to do anything too new.

We ate...oh boy did we eat. I just loaded up on Starbucks this past few days (not even sure why) and sweets that I can't find in China.

the view 

the harbor...some hot chocolate and good company :) 

hanging out on the steps 

Bruce Lee on the Avenue of the Stars 

Ready for my closeup 

sometimes I actually manage to take an awesome picture with this damn camera 

random art work 

Lunching at The Peak with Saffer & Saffersister 

SafferSister is a photographer 

waiting for our fried noodles

enjoying a random street food spot we picked 

The Clock before midnight

Found some amazing Pho! 

DIY artwork in the Subway 

can't miss out on a beautiful site 

in the tram heading up The Peak

gorgeous day, gorgeous view 

My two foreign teachers Saffer & WelshBoy

one of those rare Iphone pics that workout nicely 

read the words...oooh Chinglish! 

having a cider at Piss Bar

one of many trips to Starbucks :) 

Hope you have a great weekend! 


Lauren said...

Love the pics & mmmm cider :-)

Monica said...

Holy shit your not lying you got some good pictures girl!!! Hope your Christmas and New Years was awesome!

Asha said...

Oh how I miss Hong Kong! You got some amazing pics...I wish I was there! LOL

p.s. - I'm hosting a new link-up tomorrow called "Simply Positive Tuesdays" and its all about sharing the happy things in your week. Check out my blog for all the deets :)

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

What a fun trip. I would probably starve to death in a foreign country or live off Reece's peanut Butter cups

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