Wednesday, January 23, 2013

If you really knew me....

Yay its Wednesday! Let me tell you what a great day today is! I leave tonight for my big trip and our family got some amazing news that has given us all sense a huge sense of relief!! 

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I saw this link up and I knew I had to join in! 

Fact-I think this and the picture below are perfect representations of my personality 

Fact-I am a very social person. I love having people around to do things with. Even though I can do things alone I love being able to share them with someone or people. 

Fact-I am a TV/movie junkie and make no apologies for the crap that I watch. Its for entertainment people! 

Fact-I have no clue what I want to be when I grow up. That is how I ended up in China teaching and have changed my major at least 6 times. 

Fact-My favorite kind of food is Thai. Its makes my heart happy and ever since I first stepped foot in Thailand Thai food anywhere else has been doomed. 

Fact-I love love looking at clothes and outfits on people and on Pinterest but can't put one together for the life of me. 

Fact-I would rather spend money on a trip somewhere than on those clothes I mentioned above though...

Fact-I have had terrible insomnia since my teens. I refuse to take medication for it....

Fact- I have a serious dislike of medications. I will take it if I absolutely have to but I can't get past the awful things most of those medications do to your body to fix something else. 

Fact-I love baking. Technically I stress-bake but I love it anyway! 

Fact-Dancing is the best way to think it out. Put on your favorite song and dance it out. Do it. 

Fact-I am that friend that just says "Whatever you want to do, I don't mind" because 85% of the time I don't care and am just happy to be with the person/people. 

Fact-I am very forgiving. This can be good and bad depending on the situation. 

Fact- I am terrible at finishing things. One of my biggest goals is to be able to start and finish things in my life. 

Fact-The last few years I have developed and made progress in relationships with my family and friends that make my heart so happy. 

So there you go. Now you know about me. 
What should I know about you? 

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Cherie said...

I agree with you on several of those! I HATE taking medication unless it's an absolute necessity... some people thrive on that stuff, but I really think people who avoid them will be healthier in the long run.

I'm also the friend that "doesn't care" what we do... and I swear, none of my friends believe me that I'm actually fine with whatever! I really hate it when they force me to decide. :p

Good luck on your trip!!

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