Thursday, January 3, 2013

My NYE...

So it's 2013 you say? Well I am finally getting back to reality. I took the bus back from Hong Kong today am all settled into my apartment and tomorrow starts the long haul. I work at the school for the next 8 days and with my part time(extra teaching jobs) I actually work straight through till the 20th of this month. YIKES!! 


That is not what we are going to talk about today. Mainly because I don't want to start weeping dramatically all over my keyboard while you all prepare for your weekend. I digress....I spent NYE in Hong Kong. It was crazy, frustrating and fantastic. Yep, all three. 

First the crazy

-Walking around trying to find our way to the harbor in huge crowds and 4 inch heels, not knowing ahead that many streets would be blocked off from Taxi's we had to endure quite a walk that we were not expecting! 

-The weather was COLD!!!! Being on a boat in a tiny dress even with a coat and tights does not actually make it any less cold!! 

-The water was INSANELY choppy!! 4 inch heels, rocky boat and alcohol = success of epic proportions 
Yep! A very tall Leprechaun, a Pirate and Zorro all came along too 
taking in the view

Joining the boys in the singing 

The Welsh boy I work with
The Frustrating

-We were led to believe that this boat thing was one of those situations where you get a boat with a bar(attendants) and food. What it actually was? A group of foreigners rented a boat and used all the money to stock up on cheap alcohol. (would have been ok had it not been A LOT of money)

-Because we were misinformed about the above ^^ all we had to eat the whole day was 1 meal and very early in the day and we didn't find out until were at the harbor rushing to board the boat that there was no food and we had to no time to get any. 

Haha I had just said something completely inappropriate right as the music stopped

SafferSister helping Saffer get her shoes off too 
The Fantastic

-Ummmm did I mention I was on a boat for NYE in Hong Kong harbor? Oh right...probably a thousand times by now #sorrynotsorry

-I got to bring in the new year with some hilarious people who made me laugh the whole damn night 

-Crossing the border back into China (we spent the first night in Shenzhen) in socks, drunk as can be at 3am. True story.

My favorite picture of the night...5 seconds to the countdown 
Pretty awesome fireworks display 

SafferSister borrowed me her socks because I did not have any...She is a lifesaver! 

I need to steal some of the pictures from everyone's cameras but this is what I had on mine. I'll share the rest of the pics from the few days in HK tomorrow!! 

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Lauren said...

Sounds like one amazing NYE (well besides the cheap booze & no food part lol) :-)

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