Monday, January 21, 2013

New Design! Anniversary Giveaway!

Hey everyone! As promised I am showing off my new design and name change around here! So from today on this place will be called Curls & Cocktails! I am thinking I might move it over to a new place soon but I am not sure yet so for now it stays here! I had such a great time figuring out the plans for this one and finding the perfect name! Jenn over Munchkinland designs is seriously amazing and I highly recommend her!

Anyway! Its hard to come up with ideas of what to give away since I am not at home and its much harder to get things mailed. BUT I am throwing in an extra little prize to the winner that I hope to find on my travels this month. So here are the prizes:

I feel like a bit of Oprah's favorite things going on here...except they are mine of course!

$15 Starbucks Gift Card
-because going to Starbucks seriously gives me a little taste of home and always makes my homesickness a little bit less sad! 

$25 Gift card for Etsy. 
-For those of you who haven't shopped on there you are missing out! For those of you that have you know how far $25 can take you! 

A guest post and your blog button at the top of the list! 
-I don't do sponsers or ad space so this is as close as I can come to sharing my followers and hoping to introduce you to them! 

$15 Gift card to Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Itunes! 
-I suppose these can be used in different ways but the main point was for those with e-readers to be able to buy a book! Haha I live through mine :) 

I am so excited about this and I can't wait to see the winner feel free to pass along the message!!!
Good Luck everyone!


P!nky said...

Love your new look girlie, looks fabulous!


Azra Halilovic said...

Mi linga, I Love the new design :)

Christine D. said...

I think I would pick Ireland. It has a wealth of history and beautiful landscapes.

Thanks for the giveaway! I love this design.

throuthehaze said...

Seattle, WA

Kristina said...

Everything looks great. Love it! If I had to live anywhere other than home it would be Bermuda. I love it there and would go more often if it were semi affordable!

Lauren said...

I would pick Hawaii for sure :-) Awesome giveaway and love the new design!

AubreyLaine said...

I'd love to live in New Zealand
rafflecopter name: ALAINE

AubreyLaine said...

I'd love to live in New Zealand
rafflecopter name: ALAINE

Annabelle said...

Mine would be Hawaii or Austrailia! Love the new name and look!

suburban prep said...

I would love to live in Upper Michigan.

Miranda said...

I'd hop the first plane back to Germany. I wish i could do that. love the new design, name, and giveaway!!!

rachel said...

I'd pick Shanghai!

Asha said...

I would live in New Zealand in a heartbeat! Your new look is amazing!!! I love it! :)

jessica renee said...

I'd move somewhere that had four seasons, unlike south Texas! haha I'd want it to be a place that got super cold and snowed during the winter too so I can say I had that just once in my life ;)

jessica renee said...

and ps LOVE the new design! It suits you perfectly!

Monica said...

Holy shit chica! I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE your new Blog Design! It's freakin awesome!!! Hopefully I win your awesome giveaway......

meatnpotatoes36 said...

Sweden. I read that they have some of the happiest citizens in the world.
Michelle G.
lovinhugs36 at hotmail dot com

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