Thursday, February 28, 2013

Its Ok Thursday!

Ooh so glad its Thursday although I had a really rough day. I mentioned a few days ago that I have been very sick this past week. I managed to somehow contract a stomach virus that knocked me flat on my ass. I finally went into work yesterday and it took what I had left right out of me. Went in today and nearly fainted so I had to go back to the hospital. I am really struggling with being sick and homesick at the same time and its not doing me any good!

So now for Its Ok  Thursday!!!

Its Ok Thursdays

Its Ok....

-To be really angry at China because their medicine sucks
-To think its time to clean up my life because I've been sick more times in the last 8 months than I have in years
-To have a countdown for the days till I get to go home 
-To be grumpy and thus having what we call a Bad China Day(will post on this another day) 
- To be a bit sad that I will probably not get to do Europe at the end of my contract as planned 
-To have a part of me be very very excited that I will see Chicago that much sooner! 
-To be excited about the 2 new part -time opportunities I might get 
-To be kind of thrilled that I am a few followers away from 100!!! 
-To miss my mommy!!!! 

Ookie, I feel like I might have been a bit whiney...see how I turned it around at the end though? Thats looking at the bright side :)  

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

2 Link Ups Wednesday!!

First I wanted to ask a question...for those of you who have connected your blog with Google + did you lose anything? Any tips on what to do first or after would be great!


I saw this awesome link up over at Aimless Translation and decided I wanted to do it too!

The Vintage Modern Wife: Say My Name Link Up

With Curls & Cocktails

I had a different name for the first 2 years Amazing Times to Come and it made sense. By the way it took me ages to come up with that name since I am not in any way creatively inclined. But the point was when I started the blog I knew that some amazing things were coming my way. THEN I decided it was time to start making it happen faster so I picked up and moved to China for a year. 

For my 2 year anniversary I wanted to change things up around here and tried really hard to come up with a name that was different but unique to me and not just different from everyone else. 
The one thing that I get the most comments on wherever I go is my hair especially since I let it get ridiculously long. I felt like my love of cocktails and pretty much all the happy social moments they represent to me kind of worked! So that is where With Curls & Cocktails came from. 

I know that is kind of a drawn out story but ever since I came up with the name everytime I see my blog I can't help but smile because it really is uniquely me now :) 

How did you pick your blog name? Link up or just let me know I'm excited to hear about it! 


Since I was sick at home for 5 days I have had plenty of time to play around on Pinterest!!! 

So I am linking up for Oh, How Pinteresting! 


Bacon Brownies....I die!! 

Love everything in this picture! 

and of course...a pretty face! 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Simply Positive Tuesday: Week #8

Hey there! I wish I had some super exciting post for you all but i've spent the last 4 1/2 days in bed sick with the doctor's here in China have diagnosed a stomach virus and dehydration as a result. I could use some positivity so I thought I would link-up today with The Dansha Diaries for 

-As of this Friday I have 4 1/2 more months until I get to see my family and friends 

-I had no idea how much I missed my students until they came back and I'm excited for all the new things we will learn this semester 

-Even though I am about 95% sure I won't be returning next semester I have already been asked if we can talk about contracts for next year(just nice to know they think I'm worth a return contract)

-The Boy and I have had many many many talks in the last few months and even though I have no clue where it is going to go its a positive step for us to be talking like adults

-My students parents have been insanely generous with what they call Lucky Money since we returned from the winter break. 

- I found some new great blogs to follow this past week with a couple blog hops 

I usually have so much more but for today that is all I have! I hope you all have a great Tuesday and you should link up! 

Friday, February 22, 2013

OOoh Friday!

Could not be happier that is it Friday. I know I know I only worked 4 days this week and 2 of them were spent planning and decorating but still I am exhausted! I am excited for a weekend of nothing to relax before I go back to working my full time and various part time gigs. 5 months folks, its time to really start saving my pennies if I plan on doing anything exciting at the end of my contract!!

Ook so that aside. On Thursday the kids came back to school and the foreign teachers were asked to dress up in some of the "traditional" gear they had and a lot of the kids came dressed up so adorable. Took lots of pics of course!

I had dinner with a student & his parents tonight and as always they ask if  I eat snake. Usually I reply no. I've had it once before and I wasn't impressed but today I was feeling brave and wanted to show off a bit (you get tired of the jokes about how westerners don't eat stuff) and I went for it....

So I just realized I uploaded a crap ton of pics...sorry about that but really when you see how cute the kiddies look you will forgive me :)

oooh and joined in the Friday Chaos Blog Hop, love checking out new blogs :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Some stolen holiday pictures!

Yay my friend put her pictures up much faster than I thought she would. She and I might have to have a discussion about posting fat photos of friends but still I am excited to share them with you all!!

So here you go!

Yep...working on my tan and killing my lungs all at once 

awesome picture of what  my arm looked like in the blacklight 

you might be able to see how terrified I was in this picture 

She had just sprayed me with very cold river water 

Signing Chicago on a strangers arm in Bangkok 


been in China too long! 


Bia Ha Noi...yummy vietnamese beer! 

coming out of the Cu Chi tunnels 

underneath an awesome rock formation 

Hong Kong & Beijing: 

yep...lying on the wall 

I was freezing and icing my very sore butt muscle 

So there you have it! This is the last post I will dedicate to pictures of my trip! 
If you are not FB friends with me but want to see more pictures check out my Google + page ! 

Monday, February 18, 2013

I'm Back!

Oooh boy what a long, exciting, exhausting, adventurous trip! I have to admit it was so hard to come back to this apartment. Going on such a long trip with a friend from home, granted she lives in NY so I don't see her all the time anyway, but nevertheless I found myself really wishing I was heading home after the trip and not back to my place in Jiaxin.

Traveling with other people is hard. Much harder than say a loved one or boyfriend or alone. Sometimes you have to do things you probably wouldn't do on your own, you have to compromise on things you might want but they don't and above all you have to get used to how someone else does things for the entire trip. I admit I spent a lot of time being pretty crabby this trip because I felt like the first 24 hours after my friend arrived basically set the tone for the trip. Two broken cameras, hours spent looking for her, tears and anger and no sleep. It definitely set my mindset to a whole different place than it was beforehand.

Some things I learned on this trip:
1. There are always going to be more things than you have time to see
2. Maybe its better to visit fewer countries and spend more time in the ones you do than to jam pack your trip and spend very little time in each place
3. patience is a skill that takes an amazing AMAZING amount of work
4. It is ok to say no when you know you need to

It was a once in a lifetime trip and I am so happy that I took it and got to see all the places I did. Its hard to say my favorite place because I fell in love with Thailand when I was there last year but I did really enjoy Cambodia. There was just something about the atmosphere that I really appreciated, not to mention Angkor Wat was seriously just plain beautiful.

So now its time to get back to work with the kiddies and start planning my big trip for July. This time I am going to be sure to not over plan this trip and force too much into a tight timeframe!

I wish I could just show you all the pictures like I do on FB but that is too much work and I just don't like doing it so I'll post some fun pictures of the trip. My friend has so many awesome ones on her backup camera so once she posts those I will be sure to steal them and share!

The Great Wall 

In Beijing :) 

Meeting my cousin for the first time in Hong Kong 

This picture makes me smile everytime! Kids in a Cambodian  fishing village  

Ha Long Bay in Vietnam 

all smiles 

At Angor Wat-Tom Phrom where parts of Tomb Raider were filmed 

just goofiing off in a park in Vietnam 

Ahhhhh our Full mOon party night 

at the Grand Palace in Bangkok 

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