Wednesday, February 27, 2013

2 Link Ups Wednesday!!

First I wanted to ask a question...for those of you who have connected your blog with Google + did you lose anything? Any tips on what to do first or after would be great!


I saw this awesome link up over at Aimless Translation and decided I wanted to do it too!

The Vintage Modern Wife: Say My Name Link Up

With Curls & Cocktails

I had a different name for the first 2 years Amazing Times to Come and it made sense. By the way it took me ages to come up with that name since I am not in any way creatively inclined. But the point was when I started the blog I knew that some amazing things were coming my way. THEN I decided it was time to start making it happen faster so I picked up and moved to China for a year. 

For my 2 year anniversary I wanted to change things up around here and tried really hard to come up with a name that was different but unique to me and not just different from everyone else. 
The one thing that I get the most comments on wherever I go is my hair especially since I let it get ridiculously long. I felt like my love of cocktails and pretty much all the happy social moments they represent to me kind of worked! So that is where With Curls & Cocktails came from. 

I know that is kind of a drawn out story but ever since I came up with the name everytime I see my blog I can't help but smile because it really is uniquely me now :) 

How did you pick your blog name? Link up or just let me know I'm excited to hear about it! 


Since I was sick at home for 5 days I have had plenty of time to play around on Pinterest!!! 

So I am linking up for Oh, How Pinteresting! 


Bacon Brownies....I die!! 

Love everything in this picture! 

and of course...a pretty face! 


Miranda said...

i love your new blog name...cute and memorable! and of course I love the Amy Poehler pin!

Lauren said...

Your new blog name is awesome!!! :-)

Kristen @ KV Confessions said...

Love the Amy Pohler quote - so true and something to always keep in mind!

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