Thursday, February 28, 2013

Its Ok Thursday!

Ooh so glad its Thursday although I had a really rough day. I mentioned a few days ago that I have been very sick this past week. I managed to somehow contract a stomach virus that knocked me flat on my ass. I finally went into work yesterday and it took what I had left right out of me. Went in today and nearly fainted so I had to go back to the hospital. I am really struggling with being sick and homesick at the same time and its not doing me any good!

So now for Its Ok  Thursday!!!

Its Ok Thursdays

Its Ok....

-To be really angry at China because their medicine sucks
-To think its time to clean up my life because I've been sick more times in the last 8 months than I have in years
-To have a countdown for the days till I get to go home 
-To be grumpy and thus having what we call a Bad China Day(will post on this another day) 
- To be a bit sad that I will probably not get to do Europe at the end of my contract as planned 
-To have a part of me be very very excited that I will see Chicago that much sooner! 
-To be excited about the 2 new part -time opportunities I might get 
-To be kind of thrilled that I am a few followers away from 100!!! 
-To miss my mommy!!!! 

Ookie, I feel like I might have been a bit whiney...see how I turned it around at the end though? Thats looking at the bright side :)  


Amie said...

Stopping by from the linkup and new follower! Congrats on almost making it to 100! And I hope you feel better soon! I work in hospital, so I'm sure it would be interesting to see how our hospitals differ from those in China.

Lauren said...

Hope you feel better soon girl!

KG said...

Is it bad that I'm not really upset that you won't be going to Europe for two reasons? 1. You'll be back in the states sooner! 2. I want to go with you when you do go because you're the best travel buddy!

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