Friday, February 22, 2013

OOoh Friday!

Could not be happier that is it Friday. I know I know I only worked 4 days this week and 2 of them were spent planning and decorating but still I am exhausted! I am excited for a weekend of nothing to relax before I go back to working my full time and various part time gigs. 5 months folks, its time to really start saving my pennies if I plan on doing anything exciting at the end of my contract!!

Ook so that aside. On Thursday the kids came back to school and the foreign teachers were asked to dress up in some of the "traditional" gear they had and a lot of the kids came dressed up so adorable. Took lots of pics of course!

I had dinner with a student & his parents tonight and as always they ask if  I eat snake. Usually I reply no. I've had it once before and I wasn't impressed but today I was feeling brave and wanted to show off a bit (you get tired of the jokes about how westerners don't eat stuff) and I went for it....

So I just realized I uploaded a crap ton of pics...sorry about that but really when you see how cute the kiddies look you will forgive me :)

oooh and joined in the Friday Chaos Blog Hop, love checking out new blogs :)


jessica renee said...

Oh my gosh you and the kiddos are SO cute!! :)

And I'm sorry but hell to the no on snake!! lol How'd you like it this time?

Lauren said...

The kids are so darn cute!!!

Miranda said...

so cute!

girl! i tried to respond to your comment and now you are a no-reply person! :(

SarahJane Miller said...

Your blog is darling!! Thank you for stopping by and linking up at the hop! I am following you back, excited to get to know you lovely lady :)

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