Monday, March 25, 2013

30 before 30: Update!

Its Monday again...ooye! I didn't do anything exciting this weekend, being  very strict with clean eating and working part time on the weekends I am pretty much dead to the world by Friday and can't be assed to do a damn thing.

Its starting to get HOT here and I am not sure I like it. Its like a very humid, disgusting soup bowl hot. Haha hopefully that explains it well.

So since I have no amazing weekend photos to show you I decided it was time to update my 30 before 30. Its time I get to work on some more of them but still I have made some progress! I also might be making some changes to the list soon, things have changed a bit since I wrote it :)

30 Before 30

1. Teach Abroad for at least 6 months In my 9th month! 
2. Take one trip to a foreign country alone **Technically did but will do a solo trip to be clear instead of just moving!  
3. Finish my Bachelors
4. Get Engaged(double points if married)  **CHANGING THIS
5. Learn a completely new language or two **trying to learn Mandarin 
6. Run a half marathon
7. Buy a completely new wardrobe(get rid of it all and start all over) 
8. Pay off all my debts
9. Go Skydiving
10. Meet some of the many bloggers I come across
11. Take strip dance/pole dance classes *got this done with Snifferella before I left! It was an awesome time! 
12. Cook a whole 3-4 course meal for friends/family *Made my first whole Thanksgiving dinner for friends here in China (I do hope to do this again at home) 
13. Buy myself something ridiculously expensive and not feel guilty about it 
14. Do a mission trip 
15. Take Salsa and/or ballroom dancing lessons
16. Live in my own place for at least 6 months(ALL ALONE) Been living alone for 7 months now! It has its sucky moments but I like no one witnessing my dance parties
17. Start and complete a scrapbook
18. Reunite with some old elementary/high school friends 
19. Take a road trip
20. Take my parents out and pay for it
21. Spend more time with my brother and nephew 
22. Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity 
23. Go to Seattle
24. Get fit, to a place where I am happy with my body(and keep it up) **a work in progress! 
25. Have a whole spa day  **Took a whole day in Thailand when I was living there to get a mani/pedi, a few massages and a lay on the beach. PERFECT! 
26. Learn how to sew/use a machine well enough to make a dress
27. Get a gun license and own my own gun
28. Learn how to play the piano
29. Read the bible everyday for a year 
30. Forgive and Forget **also a work in progress! 

Well...I've crossed out 5 of 30 and I still have 2 years to go. I think I might be on the right track. Although a part of me wants to change #4 since I realized I don't really care if that happens by 30. 

Might change it to: 
(*4) Visit more places in the US 

I have been traveling around Asia like crazy and after meeting lots of foreigners who would love to go to the US I realized there is a lot I have yet to see in my own country. 

Do you have anything you want to do by a certain age?? 

PS.COM: check out my blog on bloglovin you normally used google reader you will be able to follow along here!!


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Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

#16...I can totally relate to solo dance parties ;) Probably the biggest perk of living alone, haha!


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