Thursday, March 14, 2013

Confirm your identity!?!?!?

What in the HELL?!!! So I spent most of Monday doing my usual on/off Facebook from work and home like usual then I receive an email from my friend telling me she went to send me a message and couldn't find me that even our thread was gone, and if I was upset with her and deleted her for some reason. 1. This is not at all something I would do especially not without talking to the person about it. 2. I was seriously on Facebook not an hour before she emailed me. Of course, I respond that I did not delete her and I would check it is what I saw: 

I have no clue why this would happen since I have had the same account since opening it and have NEVER ONCE changed my name or used a fake name.

THEN it proceeds to tell me I can receive a text to the mobile number on my account...BUT as you may recall I am in CHINA!!!! So I can not get text messages to that number, nor does it give me the option of putting in another number where I can get messages. NO OTHER OPTIONS shown just the help button.

After going from page to page and trying to figure it out I found the submit your photo ID. I was freaked out about it but after searching the internet I realized I wasn't the only one having this problem. So I uploaded the only ID I had on my computer, my passport. Then I received this email.

To which I replied a polite(kind of) email asking what the hell happened and why there is no explanation or way to contact a live person. Then I sent another copy of my passport. 

That was on Monday. Its now Thursday evening(where I am) and I have not yet received another email or have access to my account. 

I know to most people who are "over" Facebook this is stupid BUT my laptop broke down last January and every single picture that was on FB dated before January is GONE unless they give me back access to my account. GONE!!! That is not ok. I can open a new account, its annoying but I can do it. I just want my damn photos so that they are not lost to me for good because of some stupid glitch in the Facebook system. 

After reading a lot of different posts about this I have taken to uploading my photo ID numerous times(going on 20 now) over the last 24 hours and will continue to do so until I get some kind of response either way. 

If this has happened to you please give me tips on how to fix it!! 


Stephanie said...

Ugh! I don't have facebook, but that is a HUGE pain to think all your photos might be gone. I really hope you get back on!!

jessica renee said...

oh my gosh I have never heard of that, I'm so sorry! I know you've gotta be super frustrated!! I hope they figure it all out for you soon.

Also I just noticed you added my button to your sidebar. That's SO kind of you, thank you friend!

Annabelle said...

Girl, that is crazy! I hope they fix it soon! I would be freaked out too!

Vanessa said...

How frustrating!!!

I've been meaning to backup all my photos- my laptop broke last year and I lost A LOT of college memories. Unfortunately (Or fortunately) many of those photos didn't make it to FB.

UGh- at least there's an alternative to the phone number, right? right?!

This is a major bummer - hope you get some answers, soon!

Lauren said...

That is crazy hope they unlock it soon :-(

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