Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Facebook & a pep talk

Well...we are in the 3rd week and I have still not been given access to my Facebook account since they deactivated it with no warning or explanation, in case you missed that read this! Seeing as how I am in China and being without social media is like sticking needles in my eyes daily just for fun I opened a new account and re-added everyone I really wanted to remain FB friends with. Then I decided its time this blog has a page of its own. Yay me for being all grown up like and joining the rest of the world!!

So you can like my page here. Do it. You know you want to.

Unfortunately I lost a lot of photos that were on my old FB account but then I realized it was time for a lot of them to come down anyway, I was already to the point where when I add a new person I make sure they can't see all my really old albums...NOT to say I won't post more photos holding a drink and making a duck face. Lets face it, I can't control my lips but yea some of those photos were better off being taken down.

On that note...I am working on a post related to weight loss and body image that I hope to share with you all sometime soon. Its been hard writing it and I feel like I am putting a lot of things I don't talk to most people about into it.

I also figured I'd share some workout inspirational stuff I use to pep myself up when I am not in the mood....

First I must play this song: 
I don't know why but this song has always gotten me pumped up and feeling fierce...so if I am doubting working out or even while I warming up I play it.

I have these all saved on my photo and printed out in my apartment to help me keep me from quitting....

**This is one I have to look at every single day because I have to remind myself its a work in progress not an overnight success! 

**Another one I look at everyday. I deal with people everyday giving me shit when I say no thanks to eating out for lunch or I pass on the last few Saturday nights. I have a goal, when I get there they won't be giving me so much shit anymore :) 

Source: google.com viaMonica on Pinterest

love this one! 

So there you have it some of my workout inspiration, what do you use to inspire you?? 

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Brittany B said...

Awesome inspirational quotes! I need to get my butt in gear and lose weight!

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