Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lets be real for a second...

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I have done my best to keep my political and religious opinions to a minimum on my blog so as not to offend anyone but really its kind of ridiculous since its my blog and I want you all to know how I feel about things.

Since its easy to post about the most obvious issue going on I will...not to mention I just wrote a 15 page paper on same sex marriage two weeks ago. Remember that mental block I was suffering?! Yep. Well I got it done!

Anyway. I know many of you might be religious or you might have a religion that does not support gay marriage and that is fine because its an amazing freedom we have as Americans to practice any religion we choose. BUT gay marriage does not have a damn thing to do with you if you are not gay. No one is asking you to like it, no one is asking you to get married to a person of the same sex. So I say let them get married, we have a ridiculous divorce rate as it is so we can't pretend same sex marriage is going to be the cause of a high divorce rate.

and just becuase he is so pretty....

Source: Tiffany on Pinterest


Cherie said...

I completely agree. I hate that this is such a divisive issue, and both sides tend to be really immature and misunderstanding of other people's views.

I'm fairly conservative, but it doesn't bother me if gay people want to get married. I don't think anyone should FORCE churches to marry gay people if that's not something they believe in, but gay couples should have every right that straight couples have. If they're in love, why not?

And I love the people who go on about the "sanctity of marriage" and all that... but with a 50% divorce rate and cheap Vegas weddings even being a thing... where is this "sanctity" that they speak of? We should all just live our lives without stopping others from doing the same. If it doesn't hurt you, why stop someone from being happy? I'll never understand that.

Sorry, I got a little long winded up on here! :)

Erin Lee said...

For reals!

Chris said...

1. I totally had a dream that I had a baby with Adam Levine... my husband wasn't thrilled.
2. People should be allowed to love who they love and marry who they love. Same sex couples who've been together for years can't get married, but Kim Kardashian can get married and then divorced in 72 days. Sad.

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