Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Oh, How Pinteresting!

Yay so glad its already Wednesday! I may have finally cleared my writers block as well! We will see what my professor has to say first though!

Time or Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday!!!

Haha yes!!! 

Love everything about this! 

Big fan of the dark colors 

Will be doing this a lot this summer! 

Only 4 months until I can paint my nails whenever I want again! 

drooling over foods I am not allowed to have right now....

and of course...a pretty face! 
Source: via Monica on Pinterest

Of course I was looking at his face when I pinned this picture...

What have you been pinning this week? 
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Emily Lynn said...

I LOVE the maxi dress outfit. So ready for Spring!

Samantha said...

That maxi outfit is awesome! And i looooove the cocktails! Hope you're having a good week! xo

Rebecca and Lori said...

Nice! Thanks for that last pin; what a great way to end it! ;)

jessica renee said...

Oh the outfit and nails are SO pretty! Love that bedroom too. And the guy's not so bad to look at either ;)

Kristen @ KV Confessions said...

I love everything about this post - especially the maxi dress, nails, and hot tattooed guy ;)

P!nky said...

LOVE the ecard pin, too funny!

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