Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Oh, how Pinteresting...

I am exhausted!!! Also I worked most of the weekend and then cleaned my apartment and laid around so I have nothing exciting to share with you. Its finally Wednesday and I have spent a ridiculous amount of time on Pinterest daydreaming and wishing about my vaca thats coming next month so I figure its ok if I just share that with you! 

This is where I will be in 2 1/2 weeks!! 
Bohol, Phillippines 
Source: via Monica on Pinterest

hope to see a bit of this....

wishing I was wearing this but no time to buy it and get it to China! 

hopefully sipping something like these....

and of course...can't forget a pretty face! 
*I may be wishing he was going with me! 

Source: via Monica on Pinterest

What are you pinning this week?

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P!nky said...

I wanna be at the beach!

Bora Bora looks amazing, my DREAM beach to visit!


Stephanie said...

Those drinks look so good, I want one...

Lauren said...

Looks amazing have a blast!!!! :-)

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