Friday, March 15, 2013

Super Star 5: Fun Facts Friday

I saw this over at and here's to you, Mrs. Robinson last week and loved the idea. So I thought I would link up this week and share some random facts about me! 

I like to make really awful faces when I take selfies :) 

1. I was a girl scout. No, not the kind pictured above but I really wish I was home so I could find and post a humiliating picture but I was. I loved it and it was great for the year that I was one. It didn't last long although my love of the cookies has definitely made it for the long haul

2. Bodily functions seriously gross me out. Burping, blowing your nose, pee, poop it seriously messes with my ability to not vomit...which also happens to fall under a bodily function. This illicits lots of laughs from my friends because I refuse to talk about them. It also makes working with children a daily struggle since they are walking around doing all the things listed all day long and sometimes all at the same time. The sound of someone blowing their nose(even me blowing my own) makes me gag. Oddly enough blood does not bother me at all.

3. Not me! I can eat the same thing pretty much everyday without getting tired of it. Back home I had a bowl of plain oatmeal for  breakfast for over a year and a turkey sandwich for lunch the same way for at least 6 months straight. Once I find something I like I can get a bit obsessive. The only exception is if I get sick at any point during or after eating it, then it will be a long long time before I can eat it...Avocados and mayo are two of those things.

4. I gave up coffee and pop...actually anything caffeinated 6 years ago. I read about the effects of caffeine on your body and all the crap they put in pop and the amount of Grande White Chocolate Mocha's I was drinking a day was unbelievable. It was a rough first year I promise you that. Oddly enough I can't even stand the taste of a sip of pop now but the smell of coffee still makes my mouth water. I would love to try a bit but I am convinced I will fall off the deep end if I do. When I do occasionally have a caffeinated tea I get the jitters, its pretty funny. and don't give me that crap about de-caff one drinks that shit willingly.

I need this sign! 
5. I don't like Mexican food. I know no one ever says that. But really the only mexican food I like is super white washed like Chipotle or Uncle Julio's. The big crapper is that I don't really like tortillas so yea...I attribute this to growing up with a Mexican..beans, tortillas, jalapenos and avocados are staples in the house. So yea most of the time when my friends want to eat they want tacos and I definitely don't but what happens is at 4am I am eating the inside of a taco while they all go nuts.

There you you know me a little bit better!!! 

I love reading facts about people so share, either link up or just comment below!!! 


Stephanie said...

I pretend I like Mexican food, but when I really think about it, I just like taco bell and chipotle. So I don't think that counts.
And #3 is so me too!

Lauren said...

You don't like mexican food?! But seriously it's ok ;-) Have a great weekend!

Laura Darling said...

My boyfriend doesn't like mexican food either - and for the longest time I thought he was probably the only person in the world who didn't like it! Sometimes he'll manage to eat nachos, which aren't really mexican, but that's as close as he gets!

Megan said...

Loved reading your 5 facts!! I am the same way with bodily functions. Having a kid is a total stretch outside my comfort zone of caring for someone else's potty problems. And this is the reason I haven't tried to potty train my son yet, haha. And I really haven't heard anyone say they don't like Mexican food! Chipotle is really good though so you still have great taste :)

Thanks for linking up!!

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