Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Oh, hello there!

I worked 7 days last week. yes. All 7 days with 30 children. I got Monday-Wednesday this week off so forgive me for the lack of blogging but I have and plan to continue spending it laying on my couch watching all my favorite shows and not doing anything productive! 

I'll see you all again on Thursday when I get back to reality :) 

Friday, April 26, 2013

What is love?

So last nights Scandal episode sparked a whole "What is love conversation" and I wanted to bring it to the blog world and get your opinions. Not the family & friends kind of love but romantic love. If you don't watch Scandal then you should because its amazeballs. Its the only show ever where I am rooting for the president to cheat with his mistress! No seriously. If you do though I am about to post a spoiler so skip this!

In this episode Fitz(the pres) says to Olivia(the mistress):
"This past year I have learned only one thing. That I cannot exist without you. That I cannot breathe without you. The man I am without you...I'm nothing. I'm nothing and you are everything and I need you to give me another chance. I demand another chance. We're worth another chance."

Take out the dramatics and the fact that its a cheating husband and his mistress and tell me that does not make you swoon just a bit?! It made me do that seriously girly sigh thing.

Anywhoodles...I went on to express my appreciation for their on/off relationship and it sparked a whole discussion of what love is.
She sent me this:
So cute! 
I've made no secret of my on & off relationship of almost 7 years with The Boy and the last time we broke up I was really questioning what love means to me. Well I am here to tell you I am still not 100% on that one.

My sister sent me this: 
"Someone that makes you nervous but excited, scared but safe, dangerous but secure." 
Ever since she found the man of her dreams she has gotten too damn smart.

I can tell you this I feel as though love for me has to be a gut wrenching thing. It doesn't have to be devastating but it has to make me feel like I can't be without that person, like my life is incomplete if they are not there because otherwise its a comfortable thing that I can give or take, go without and be fine even if I am sad. I'm a dramatic person, I wear my heart on my sleeve and if you know me then you know how I am in general. I can't have something simple and easy...simple and easy make me feel anxious and twitchy. I know that after a certain amount of time honeymoon feelings go away but that's when the feeling like your life is incomplete without them should come in. When you choose to love that person everyday even when they sometimes make you not want to.

So that's my bit of a take on what love is or what an ideal love is to me. 
What is your ideal love? What does love mean to you?? 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Party don't start till I walk in!

Linking up for The Party Don't Start Till I Walk In this week! 


In spirit of alcohol fueled partying I am sharing some recipes I used for NYE two years ago :) 

Pink Champagne Cupcakes! 

nevermind the truffles on the bottom, this is the only picture I have of the cupcakes. They were a big hit and fluffy and champagney(that is a word so hush). 

To make these: 
-Get yourself a 4 box of  Sofia:  
You don't have to use it all but I like to drink one while I make the cupcakes so that is the reason for 4. (You'll need 1 1/4cup)
-A box of Betty Crocker supermoist white cake mix (follow directions for other ingredients)

For the Frosting: 
-1/4 cup champagne
- 1/2C butter
-4 cups powdered sugar
-1 tsp vanilla
-few drops of red food coloring 

Whip them up in your awesome mixer...if you don't have a pretty pink one like me I am sorry. Serve them and love all the praise you will get when everyone loves them!!! 

Ooh and just a couple photos of the mess that is me after too many drinks....

There is so much going on in this picture....love it....

And thats all folks!! 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Just smile & nod

This past week was ridiculous...something was clearly in the air for madness and my kids and I were all feeling it. I really struggled with homesickness and just being all around exhausted and done with China last week. This week we have a 7 day week. Yep. 7 days because they are giving us M-Weds off next week so, of course, we are expected to work the weekend. I wish they could understand that I would rather not have the days off than work 7 days in a row. Just saying. 

Anyway I need to inject some positivity into my life before I crack so I thought I'd share some happies....


Thanks to the wonderful inventors of Skype I got to watch my sister graduate on Sunday(or 4am Monday morning my time) over the internet. My mom called me on the ipad and even though it was grainy and I was in my pajamas half asleep I still got to see her cross the stage and yell and clap for her! I couldn't have been more proud!! My sister is pretty awesome :) 

p.s.com a childhood friend of ours also graduated from her school so I got to cheer her on as well! (pictured above) 


3 of my coworkers have finally jumped on the fitness wagon and started joining me in exercise and I am sooo glad they did because I can't even pretend it wasn't getting hard to drag myself to the gym or home to workout. I've got one that goes to the gym with me and the other 2 ladies do videos with me at the school. Its pretty great :) 

Me being a sweaty mess at the gym :) 


Blake Shelton is coming to Chicago!!! Haha yes I know some of you could care less but I love country music and I do not mind at all if I have to go to this concert alone, I am going!! 
I may also be home in time to see Jason Aldean :) 

Some happy photos from this past week. Celebrating a coworkers bday with a surprise cake & decorating her desk was a nice break for all of us. 

Then we all made the hour long trek to the nearest Indian restaurant. 

My sunday spent grocery shopping and goofing off in the sports goods store! 

and just because these make me smile....

See you on Wednesday! 

Friday, April 19, 2013

This week....

I've been reading blogs all week and commenting like I usually do but could not find the words to post anything. I seriously feel like every single time I have logged onto my computer and gotten on the internet there is new of another tragedy, of something awful happening. None of these directly effect me, for one I am in China. 2, I haven't been to most of the places where the awful events are taking place. 3, the only person I know personally who runs the Boston Marathon opted out this year. But it makes me so sad. Its amazing the access to information we have now but its also so awful at the same time. I have spent a ridiculous amount of time reading articles and watching news videos and discussing with people what has gone on this week and its so overwhelming and sad. Even though for most of the stories I am reading there are great stories of ordinary people turned heroes helping those when they were risking their lives its not enough to make you wonder what is happening to our society?! 

Most of you know I do not practice a specific religion and I think that if you have the kind of faith in any religion that you practice what you preach then I applaud you. But I can say that I think we should all take the time to send positive thoughts and energy into this world. If you pray, then pray. If you don't then just be kind and hope it pays forward. We have to stop overlooking things we think are not quite right, and instead of judging offer our help. Make sure you tell the people you love that you love them because even if nothing happens to them tomorrow or even a year from now, they should know. 

I hope you all have a good weekend and that we start to receive some good news in this world instead of tragedy after tragedy. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

The things I miss Friday

So its Friday and its always fun to pick 5 things to write about on Fridays...right? Well anyway I want to talk about some things I miss from home...besides the most obvious which is my friends and family! But GCgirl and I were talking and we were naming random things that we couldn't wait to get home for and I knew it was something to post about. Do not judge me for the amount of food on this list...I mean this is not all the things I miss...

So here goes....

Seeing this on my walk from work to the train everyday....

A friend sent me this a couple weeks ago and I was all "whyyyyy are you doing this to me???!" boo hooing and all that. I mean really how could you not miss such a nice site?? 

Food at my favorite places! 
ooh the food.....
I dont have any pictures of my mothers cooking right now but its #1 on this food list! 
Papas Cache Sabroso
Puerto Rican food

Italian Beef

Hot dogs!! 
because only a hot dog in a sketchy shack on the side of the highway at 4am makes life better :) 

Sensational Bites
My fave mint chocolate cupcake in particular..

Themed 5k's 
especially when the whole group gets involved. For about a year we were running one almost every month
Warrior Dash 
Santa Hustle 
Y-Me Cancer/Mothers Day 

My clothes!!! 
I am terrible at putting outfits together...I try and I try but really its usually just what I saw on a girl or a mannequin but I miss the plethora of options I had and the ability to go to my favorite stores...and clothes that fit without the clerks telling me they don't have anything in the store my size. 
Yes that has happened and it makes me nearly cry everytime. 

Ahhhh how I miss concerts. Especially since it seems that I have or will miss all of my favorite performers coming to Chicago!

This is only 5 things...this list could go on and on...and maybe it will next Friday. As for the foods...please that is a mile long at this point. 

Whats on your mind this Friday?? 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Throwback Thursdays!!

This has quickly become one of my fave Thursday link-ups! 

I am almost positive this was in 2010, I joined a bunch of my girlfriends for a long weekend trip to Jamaica came home to Chicago for a few days and then left to Toronto for another long weekend. It was a great time but I do remember it taking me quite a while to recover! Crazy things were happening on both of those trips but they were definitely worth the money and recovery :)

Forgive the ring...It was 3 years ago!! 


And just because this song randomly popped into my head! 
love Offspring! 

Link up so I can check out your Throwback Thursday post :) 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Oh, How Pinteresting!

Since I am still feeling the effects of depression that results when you return from a trip to jump back into work with 30 children I thought it would be nice to make today's Pins about travel...just some daydream places! 

And of course...what is my OHP post without a pretty face????

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

That time I went to the Philippines....

Ooh hi! Remember me? I meant to post while I was on my little trip but then I got there and the beach stole me away. It was gorgeous weather and beautiful beaches for 4 whole days. I couldn't have been a happier girl. I can't wait until I get another chance to go back there and explore more of the Philippines but what little bit I saw I loved. 

We went to a smaller and less busy island Bohol. We were worried there wouldn't be any tourists but there were plenty just not the rowdy partying kind you usually come across on islands. Our hotel was much further from the beach than we thought...but thats ok. The free motorbike the hotel gave us useless since neither of us could drive it without fearing for our lives...but thats ok. GCgirl got horrendous sunburn our first day...but thats ok. The hotel we stayed at in Cebu for the last night had barking and fighting dogs outside and only one bed & tiny blanket for us to share....and that was eghhh almost ok. We waited an hour in line to check in for our flight leaving Cebu back to HK....yea that wasn't so much ok. Haha it happens though! We kind of expected that since everything else had worked out so well we would run into problems when we were
headed home.

Our first day we went to Alona beach which was the closest to our hotel and it was great, we didn't do enough exploring and ended up just picking a spot we thought had enough shade. Unfortunately GCgirl got a really bad sunburn that day. 

She was a sport though and still wanted to join me on the beach the next day just with an umbrella and more clothes so we found another beach to try Dumaluan Beach. We hired a car to take us there and paid a fee to visit a resort so we had access to an Umbrella chairs and a free Boka Boka juice :) 

If only every day could be this way! 

 The last day we decided to head back to Alona and find an umbrella. We found a resort a little further down on the beach and got chairs, an umbrella and a food/drink package. It was a great way to spend our last morning/afternoon.

I was terrified...as I might have mentioned before I am scared to death of ocean creatures! 

Heading back to Cebu is when we ran into some poopers...Waiting to check into the ferry took almost an hour in a very hot room. Then the ferry left almost 45 mins late. We got to Cebu and still had to find a Starbucks so I could get my mom's cups and get some food as well as check into our hotel. We found a mall that had one and enjoyed some western food at TGIFridays! When we got to our hotel they didn't have a room for us set up so we had to wait..it was already 11pm and they put us in a room with 1 bed that we didn't request, and no internet access that we were supposed to have as well as a very tiny sheet to share between the two of us. Then the barking started....and went on ALL NIGHT LONG. There were dogs barking and fighting right outside the hotel and it did not stop until the roosters started at 5am.

Cups for mom!!
On the flight back to Hong Kong...I was so sad to be heading back to China after such a short trip!

It was a great time and I am so glad that I didn't talk myself out of booking the trip! 

Have you been to the Philippines? 

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