Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Just smile & nod

This past week was ridiculous...something was clearly in the air for madness and my kids and I were all feeling it. I really struggled with homesickness and just being all around exhausted and done with China last week. This week we have a 7 day week. Yep. 7 days because they are giving us M-Weds off next week so, of course, we are expected to work the weekend. I wish they could understand that I would rather not have the days off than work 7 days in a row. Just saying. 

Anyway I need to inject some positivity into my life before I crack so I thought I'd share some happies....


Thanks to the wonderful inventors of Skype I got to watch my sister graduate on Sunday(or 4am Monday morning my time) over the internet. My mom called me on the ipad and even though it was grainy and I was in my pajamas half asleep I still got to see her cross the stage and yell and clap for her! I couldn't have been more proud!! My sister is pretty awesome :) 

p.s.com a childhood friend of ours also graduated from her school so I got to cheer her on as well! (pictured above) 


3 of my coworkers have finally jumped on the fitness wagon and started joining me in exercise and I am sooo glad they did because I can't even pretend it wasn't getting hard to drag myself to the gym or home to workout. I've got one that goes to the gym with me and the other 2 ladies do videos with me at the school. Its pretty great :) 

Me being a sweaty mess at the gym :) 


Blake Shelton is coming to Chicago!!! Haha yes I know some of you could care less but I love country music and I do not mind at all if I have to go to this concert alone, I am going!! 
I may also be home in time to see Jason Aldean :) 

Some happy photos from this past week. Celebrating a coworkers bday with a surprise cake & decorating her desk was a nice break for all of us. 

Then we all made the hour long trek to the nearest Indian restaurant. 

My sunday spent grocery shopping and goofing off in the sports goods store! 

and just because these make me smile....

See you on Wednesday! 


Chris said...

that's awesome that you got to see your sister's graduation from across the world! Love that!

Stephanie said...

Aww that is so sweet that you saw her graduate!!
But yeah, a 7 day work week? That's horrid.

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

Oh Blakey Shelton. How can you not want to hug and squeeze him! Go and have some fun!

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