Tuesday, April 9, 2013

That time I went to the Philippines....

Ooh hi! Remember me? I meant to post while I was on my little trip but then I got there and the beach stole me away. It was gorgeous weather and beautiful beaches for 4 whole days. I couldn't have been a happier girl. I can't wait until I get another chance to go back there and explore more of the Philippines but what little bit I saw I loved. 

We went to a smaller and less busy island Bohol. We were worried there wouldn't be any tourists but there were plenty just not the rowdy partying kind you usually come across on islands. Our hotel was much further from the beach than we thought...but thats ok. The free motorbike the hotel gave us useless since neither of us could drive it without fearing for our lives...but thats ok. GCgirl got horrendous sunburn our first day...but thats ok. The hotel we stayed at in Cebu for the last night had barking and fighting dogs outside and only one bed & tiny blanket for us to share....and that was eghhh almost ok. We waited an hour in line to check in for our flight leaving Cebu back to HK....yea that wasn't so much ok. Haha it happens though! We kind of expected that since everything else had worked out so well we would run into problems when we were
headed home.

Our first day we went to Alona beach which was the closest to our hotel and it was great, we didn't do enough exploring and ended up just picking a spot we thought had enough shade. Unfortunately GCgirl got a really bad sunburn that day. 

She was a sport though and still wanted to join me on the beach the next day just with an umbrella and more clothes so we found another beach to try Dumaluan Beach. We hired a car to take us there and paid a fee to visit a resort so we had access to an Umbrella chairs and a free Boka Boka juice :) 

If only every day could be this way! 

 The last day we decided to head back to Alona and find an umbrella. We found a resort a little further down on the beach and got chairs, an umbrella and a food/drink package. It was a great way to spend our last morning/afternoon.

I was terrified...as I might have mentioned before I am scared to death of ocean creatures! 

Heading back to Cebu is when we ran into some poopers...Waiting to check into the ferry took almost an hour in a very hot room. Then the ferry left almost 45 mins late. We got to Cebu and still had to find a Starbucks so I could get my mom's cups and get some food as well as check into our hotel. We found a mall that had one and enjoyed some western food at TGIFridays! When we got to our hotel they didn't have a room for us set up so we had to wait..it was already 11pm and they put us in a room with 1 bed that we didn't request, and no internet access that we were supposed to have as well as a very tiny sheet to share between the two of us. Then the barking started....and went on ALL NIGHT LONG. There were dogs barking and fighting right outside the hotel and it did not stop until the roosters started at 5am.

Cups for mom!!
On the flight back to Hong Kong...I was so sad to be heading back to China after such a short trip!

It was a great time and I am so glad that I didn't talk myself out of booking the trip! 

Have you been to the Philippines? 


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Oh man this looks like the trip of a life time! So much fun! Great pictures :) Someday I hope to go there!

Chris said...

I was born in Cebu! My dad is from Bohol and we took a family vacation to Cebu in December of 2011! OMG let me know next time you go back and I'll give you some tips on where to go. Your pictures make my heart ache... I want to go back so bad!


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