Friday, April 12, 2013

The things I miss Friday

So its Friday and its always fun to pick 5 things to write about on Fridays...right? Well anyway I want to talk about some things I miss from home...besides the most obvious which is my friends and family! But GCgirl and I were talking and we were naming random things that we couldn't wait to get home for and I knew it was something to post about. Do not judge me for the amount of food on this list...I mean this is not all the things I miss...

So here goes....

Seeing this on my walk from work to the train everyday....

A friend sent me this a couple weeks ago and I was all "whyyyyy are you doing this to me???!" boo hooing and all that. I mean really how could you not miss such a nice site?? 

Food at my favorite places! 
ooh the food.....
I dont have any pictures of my mothers cooking right now but its #1 on this food list! 
Papas Cache Sabroso
Puerto Rican food

Italian Beef

Hot dogs!! 
because only a hot dog in a sketchy shack on the side of the highway at 4am makes life better :) 

Sensational Bites
My fave mint chocolate cupcake in particular..

Themed 5k's 
especially when the whole group gets involved. For about a year we were running one almost every month
Warrior Dash 
Santa Hustle 
Y-Me Cancer/Mothers Day 

My clothes!!! 
I am terrible at putting outfits together...I try and I try but really its usually just what I saw on a girl or a mannequin but I miss the plethora of options I had and the ability to go to my favorite stores...and clothes that fit without the clerks telling me they don't have anything in the store my size. 
Yes that has happened and it makes me nearly cry everytime. 

Ahhhh how I miss concerts. Especially since it seems that I have or will miss all of my favorite performers coming to Chicago!

This is only 5 things...this list could go on and on...and maybe it will next Friday. As for the foods...please that is a mile long at this point. 

Whats on your mind this Friday?? 


Stephanie said...

Seriously though, Maxwell's is amazing...

Rachel said...

You used to live in Chicago? One of my favorite cities ever.

I miss all of my clothes too. They're somewhere in a storage unit in VA. :)

Chris said...

Chicago's view never gets old! I've never done a 5K... or any kind of running, but I'm inspired by a Zombie Run that's coming up in September. Now that would be fun!

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