Friday, April 26, 2013

What is love?

So last nights Scandal episode sparked a whole "What is love conversation" and I wanted to bring it to the blog world and get your opinions. Not the family & friends kind of love but romantic love. If you don't watch Scandal then you should because its amazeballs. Its the only show ever where I am rooting for the president to cheat with his mistress! No seriously. If you do though I am about to post a spoiler so skip this!

In this episode Fitz(the pres) says to Olivia(the mistress):
"This past year I have learned only one thing. That I cannot exist without you. That I cannot breathe without you. The man I am without you...I'm nothing. I'm nothing and you are everything and I need you to give me another chance. I demand another chance. We're worth another chance."

Take out the dramatics and the fact that its a cheating husband and his mistress and tell me that does not make you swoon just a bit?! It made me do that seriously girly sigh thing.

Anywhoodles...I went on to express my appreciation for their on/off relationship and it sparked a whole discussion of what love is.
She sent me this:
So cute! 
I've made no secret of my on & off relationship of almost 7 years with The Boy and the last time we broke up I was really questioning what love means to me. Well I am here to tell you I am still not 100% on that one.

My sister sent me this: 
"Someone that makes you nervous but excited, scared but safe, dangerous but secure." 
Ever since she found the man of her dreams she has gotten too damn smart.

I can tell you this I feel as though love for me has to be a gut wrenching thing. It doesn't have to be devastating but it has to make me feel like I can't be without that person, like my life is incomplete if they are not there because otherwise its a comfortable thing that I can give or take, go without and be fine even if I am sad. I'm a dramatic person, I wear my heart on my sleeve and if you know me then you know how I am in general. I can't have something simple and easy...simple and easy make me feel anxious and twitchy. I know that after a certain amount of time honeymoon feelings go away but that's when the feeling like your life is incomplete without them should come in. When you choose to love that person everyday even when they sometimes make you not want to.

So that's my bit of a take on what love is or what an ideal love is to me. 
What is your ideal love? What does love mean to you?? 

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jessica clayton said...

I'm Scandal obsessed, I find myself not breathing during Olivia/Fitz scenes. They are so intense. They're relationship is so wrong, but you still want to root for them. I feel like creator Shonda Rhimes always has us rooting for the mistress in her shows ha! And that quote does make me swoon--esp when taken out of context. Ideal love is definitely unique and personal to each person--I don't even know if I've figured it out for my self yet. Enjoyed this post and it has gotten me pondering this morning.

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