Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Have I told you lately???

That I love you? Well, if not I do! 

I've gotten some new followers and started to follow some new blogs recently and its been great! I'm loving it and all of you! 

Anyway...I've had some interesting conversations the last few weeks and I wanted to share some things I have been thinking about lately and yes some of them have perfect picture quotes to go with them....

1.  Traveling is so much better with someone to share it with. Of course, you should definitely enjoy traveling with the person and everyone EVERYONE should travel somewhere alone at least once but there is a shared experience that you can take away from seeing a new place and trying new things. Also, there is always someone to hold your camera and you don't have to ask strangers who don't speak English. 

2. I need to slow down....
Yes, we aren't guaranteed tomorrow but that doesn't mean that I have to do it all now. You have to plan to enjoy your life for as long as your going to live not just to get things done before your too settled, married, have kids, too busy with your career. We have our whole lives and the idea that we have to have it all figured out and do everything exciting before a certain age or time is ludacris. Just take your time...

3. Make yourself happy...Do it. Its a choice. If you are unhappy, change it. I make the choice to be happy with my life and when I am feeling down or upset about something I fix it or I realize that it can't be fixed and move on.  

4. Its not all about you...and thats ok. Sure, we want to think that everything will crumble without us but thats not the case. Its good to have perspective enough to realize how our actions affect the people around us while still realizing that not everything that goes on is about us. 

5. Don't let fear make any more decisions. This could technically be my number one lesson learned. I let fear guide so many of my decisions for so long and I've finally realized I am my own worst enemy. 

So there you have it. 5 things I have learned that have made my life much better!! 

What are some things you have learned about yourself? 

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Stephanie said...

Agreed! All good things to learn! Although I obviously still struggle with #4 ;)

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