Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Party Don't Start till I walk in!

I was thinking...when was the last time you had a slumber party? I mean as kids we can have them all the time but as grown ups its hard to call it that right??  

Well....I think I am going to have one when I get home and I have enlisted Pinterest to help me plan it. 


These are the must haves(feel free to add to this list) 

1. Booze. 

yes. Its a must. We all say inappropriate shit when we are together but it get soo much better when we drink and well...why wouldn't there be liqour anyway?? 

2. Sweets

Ok...maybe not a mountain of oreos but something fun like a cupcake bar...even better if the cupcakes have alcohol in them. 

3.  something to do? 

I know my girls and we would most likely get drunk and talk about naughty shit all night so why not start the night with a toy party? but really it can't hurt right? Haha then we can pamper ourselves! 

5. Awesome Jammies

I don't care what they wear but it better be something fun or they are getting shit all night. 

So yea! I need to make this happen once I am home! 

Any ideas or themes you would use for a grown up girl slumber party?? 


Chelsee Wigley said...

Haha this is a too cute idea! I love having adult slumber parties!

Stephanie said...

I'm inviting myself to your slumber party! I already have a blue penguin print footed onesie, I'm ready.

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