Tuesday, June 25, 2013


So excited for the Hawks win last night! Was following on ESPN and did a very excited shout & dance around my classroom when the game ended! My kids were loving it, and I really really wish I had stopped to take a photo! 

On another note...I did nothing noteworthy this weekend except start watching and finish the entire season of Hannibal! Ummm yes I love this show. Its so dark and twisted and left me feeling weird about eating any meat even in China! 

by the way...I find him oddly attractive and creepy at the same time! 

Oooh right and I had a night in with GCGirl and we had shitty Chinese wine and watched Magic Mike. She had never seen it and since she and I are COMPLETE opposites in terms of our sexuality she was ewwwing and I was ooooh yea'ing most of it! I told her I could pretty much watch the movie on silent as I could care less what its about besides the dancing parts! 

Soo how was your weekend? I promise to have a more enlightening weekend post next week as I am making what might be one of the last trips to Hong Kong! 

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P!nky said...

Wine and magic mike sounds like a great night

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