Wednesday, July 31, 2013

That time I threw tomatoes...

I keep meaning to blog and spend more time reading my favorites..I really do...but its summertime...even if it feels like its fall outside and there is just too much going on! Anyway...this past cold ass Saturday I spent the day at the Tomato Blast and I got pelted by extremely hard and large tomatoes...resulting in bruises all over my body including my nose. Damn those people who aimed for everyone's face. It was still an awesome experience so I had to share: 

And it was awesome and I would do it again...although next year I think I want a full face mask instead of safety glasses! 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Out & About...

One of the awesome things about being back in Chicago is that I got home in time to catch some of the Summer.

If im not outside laying out, im outside working out, outside walking around, just outside as much as possible. 

I'm still catching up with most of my friends and very excited to celebrate bestie G's birthday this weekend and throw tomatoes at people on Saturday. 

Monday I went downtown to have lunch with the Redhead and her new beau. Was so nice to put on my headphones and walk around downtown just shopping and enjoying the weather while I waited for them. Had a fantastic lunch at Rosebud!  On the way back to my car I had to stop....

I absolutely love Garett's popcorn :) 
Tuesday I went for a good run with Mom and then headed to dinner with CousinT to my fave Uncle Julio's! 
For some reason the frozen margarita machine was broken so I couldn't get my beloved swirl this time. Had to settle for a mango margarita. 

Hanging out in front of the restaurant waiting for CousinT

My fave: chicken & beef fajitas 

Mango Margarita 

CousinT and her youngest 

So far my week is shaping up to be pretty great! What is going on with you so far?? 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

So good to be back!

Why didn't anyone warn me that jet lag could actually last more than a day or two? I've officially been home one whole week and I think I am finally starting to feel slightly right again. I have struggled with sleep and having no brain or energy for a whole week.

Anyway once everyone was surprised I got to trying to relax and enjoy my time. I spent the week attempting to get a sleep routine down and laying out in the sun, working out and trying to just soak in the happy thoughts of being home. This past weekend so much happened its crazy to think it was only a weekend. 

Friday- I got my haircut & colored...a must because I could actually sit on it at that point....
The Boy surprised me with tickets to the NKOTB, Boys II Men & 98° concert. Vanilla Ice surprise guest! Oh yes! 

Saturday- I got in a great workout with The Boy and then we headed to one of my little cousin's birthday parties which was insane because I just got home and got thrown into a house full of Puerto Ricans to explain my story 100 times over. 

Sunday- My parents, brother and bestie Snifferella ran the Rock & Roll Half Marathon so I had to be up buttcrack early to cheer them on. 

Busy bee I tell you! 

So here are some pics but I will save the hair cut photo for another post because I need to take a good one...

At the concert...a glimpse of the shorter hair! 

getting our workout on...

Bestie G having serious thoughts about a Monsters Inc party. 

Haven't seen this guy since he was about 18 and all grown up :( 

My mom & bro stopping the run to say hi! 

The runners & their cheerleaders! 

How was your weekend??

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Home Sweet Home!

Sorry I have been MIA but with all the packing leading up to coming home and then actually coming home so much has been going on! 

I surprised my family and bestie G by showing up Sunday/Monday when everyone thought I would be home in September. Thanks to my amazing friend Snifferella for helping me orchestrate it all! She picked me up from the airport and drove me home to my parents and then Monday asked G to dinner at our fave wing place so I could show up! 

So here are some of my pictures from my good bye and hello!! 

then upon arrival!!! 

and on Monday when I surprised my bestie G 

I seriously couldn't be happier to get home and once this jet lag is fully kicked I am going to really start enjoying everything. For now...back to the backyard to lay out :) 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Oh How Pinteresting!

Everyday  Sometimes at work during my breakfast break I browse Pinterest and get lost in the time. Today I found myself giggling at all the funny pins I came across...and for that I shall share :)

And of course you need a pretty face!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Ooh Monday....

First I want to send a big welcome to all the new followers! I may be a bit slow but I plan to check out all your blogs! 

This past weekend was a bit sad as the semester ends this Friday so we had a night out with the foreigners before everyone goes there own way. So sad that GCGirl and Saffer are leaving me!! I didn't cry but we had a great meal, lots of laughs and yummy wine! 

Sunday I ran errands and started making a giant mess clearing my apartment up to prep for summer camp. 

I was having a rough hair day...well actually I really didn't want to comb my hair that day so it was a day old and I was trying to figure out how to make it work. Anyway I will seriously miss these girls!

It was a great night though a bit sad saying bye to these great people I have met this year. 

How was your weekend?? 

Thursday, July 4, 2013


I've wanted to try cupping for a while now and figured I would do it in China but next thing you know you have been here 11 months and you still haven't done it. I finally convinced the girls we should try the place nearest to us which has blind people giving massages and they have other things like cupping as well...

*side note: we got to the place expecting to mime out that we wanted massages and cupping only to find the guy at the front desk was blind and didn't speak any English. Pretty damn funny. 

Anyway. All this working out we have been doing has us all kind of beat up and so we decided to try this. I've read good things about how it helps rid your body of built up toxins and Saffer just wanted to try it out to see how it felt. I was terrified watching them do hers! 

Here are some pics in case you aren't sure what the heck I am even talking about: 


What our backs looked like after! 

We were both a bit sore in some spots for a day or two. For me it was the tops of my shoulders and the darkest spot on my left side(middle of my back) that were problem areas and they were very sore for a couple days but after that they started to feel so much better. 

This is 5 days later! They are fading pretty quickly
I'd like to do it again soon but the marks are not really so great for summer time weather. So I might wait until it cools down again. 

Have you tried this before? 
What were your results?

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hump Day!!

Hey there! In case you haven't already you should go here and sign up for this awesome giveaway for Christine @ Life with a side of Coffee's birthday! 

This past weekend GCGirl, Saffer & I went to Hong Kong for what might be the last time and did some shopping and just hanging out. We took the ferry from our town for the first time and after we got off the ferry and past the border control I realized I left my cell phone on the boat. FREAKING OUT. I tried to cross back but they wouldn't let me, gave me a number to call in the morning. I was beyond stressed and I tried calling 3 different times and telling them they I  knew exactly what seats I dropped it between and that they had to actually go to the seats and look. Of course, they finally called me back to say they couldn't find it. Then we get to the docks to ride the ferry back and get on the boat. Saffer suggested I go check the seats just in case its the same boat and guess what? There was my phone stuck between the two seats I told them it would be. I could not have been luckier and that was probably the most exciting thing to have happened to me in the past month! Haha ook so yea....

I try to always visit Hard Rock when I go somewhere..its  become a new thing so  the girls were more than happy to stop there and get some western food and drinks with me! 

The first proper western breakfast I have had in a whole damn year!!! 

The Starbucks in HK had Red Bean Green Tea muffins so I had to try one! It was not as good as the drink though :(

Wish I had taken more photos but my camera is still broken from that trip in Jan/Feb and my Iphone was gone so yep!

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