Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hump Day!!

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This past weekend GCGirl, Saffer & I went to Hong Kong for what might be the last time and did some shopping and just hanging out. We took the ferry from our town for the first time and after we got off the ferry and past the border control I realized I left my cell phone on the boat. FREAKING OUT. I tried to cross back but they wouldn't let me, gave me a number to call in the morning. I was beyond stressed and I tried calling 3 different times and telling them they I  knew exactly what seats I dropped it between and that they had to actually go to the seats and look. Of course, they finally called me back to say they couldn't find it. Then we get to the docks to ride the ferry back and get on the boat. Saffer suggested I go check the seats just in case its the same boat and guess what? There was my phone stuck between the two seats I told them it would be. I could not have been luckier and that was probably the most exciting thing to have happened to me in the past month! Haha ook so yea....

I try to always visit Hard Rock when I go somewhere..its  become a new thing so  the girls were more than happy to stop there and get some western food and drinks with me! 

The first proper western breakfast I have had in a whole damn year!!! 

The Starbucks in HK had Red Bean Green Tea muffins so I had to try one! It was not as good as the drink though :(

Wish I had taken more photos but my camera is still broken from that trip in Jan/Feb and my Iphone was gone so yep!

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