Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Out & About...

One of the awesome things about being back in Chicago is that I got home in time to catch some of the Summer.

If im not outside laying out, im outside working out, outside walking around, just outside as much as possible. 

I'm still catching up with most of my friends and very excited to celebrate bestie G's birthday this weekend and throw tomatoes at people on Saturday. 

Monday I went downtown to have lunch with the Redhead and her new beau. Was so nice to put on my headphones and walk around downtown just shopping and enjoying the weather while I waited for them. Had a fantastic lunch at Rosebud!  On the way back to my car I had to stop....

I absolutely love Garett's popcorn :) 
Tuesday I went for a good run with Mom and then headed to dinner with CousinT to my fave Uncle Julio's! 
For some reason the frozen margarita machine was broken so I couldn't get my beloved swirl this time. Had to settle for a mango margarita. 

Hanging out in front of the restaurant waiting for CousinT

My fave: chicken & beef fajitas 

Mango Margarita 

CousinT and her youngest 

So far my week is shaping up to be pretty great! What is going on with you so far?? 

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Stephanie said...

My work is right by at least 3 garret's. It's like, two blocks in any direction, you hit a garret's. I'm not complaining, but my waistline is. Luckily the times I pass it the line is usually down the block so I can resist!

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