Tuesday, July 23, 2013

So good to be back!

Why didn't anyone warn me that jet lag could actually last more than a day or two? I've officially been home one whole week and I think I am finally starting to feel slightly right again. I have struggled with sleep and having no brain or energy for a whole week.

Anyway once everyone was surprised I got to trying to relax and enjoy my time. I spent the week attempting to get a sleep routine down and laying out in the sun, working out and trying to just soak in the happy thoughts of being home. This past weekend so much happened its crazy to think it was only a weekend. 

Friday- I got my haircut & colored...a must because I could actually sit on it at that point....
The Boy surprised me with tickets to the NKOTB, Boys II Men & 98° concert. Vanilla Ice surprise guest! Oh yes! 

Saturday- I got in a great workout with The Boy and then we headed to one of my little cousin's birthday parties which was insane because I just got home and got thrown into a house full of Puerto Ricans to explain my story 100 times over. 

Sunday- My parents, brother and bestie Snifferella ran the Rock & Roll Half Marathon so I had to be up buttcrack early to cheer them on. 

Busy bee I tell you! 

So here are some pics but I will save the hair cut photo for another post because I need to take a good one...

At the concert...a glimpse of the shorter hair! 

getting our workout on...

Bestie G having serious thoughts about a Monsters Inc party. 

Haven't seen this guy since he was about 14...now 18 and all grown up :( 

My mom & bro stopping the run to say hi! 

The runners & their cheerleaders! 

How was your weekend??

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