Friday, August 30, 2013


Yep! Its that time and a long weekend! What! Haha thats a lot of exclamation points huh? Well I've been in this office all week and there is a person here driving me nuts so I have been looking forward to the weekend. I wouldn't say I actually found a job since this is very very short term but got to make some money right?? 

I'm excited for girls night out with my bestie Snifferella tonight! BBQ & The beach all weekend since its going to be in the 90's in Chicago all weekend. 

Since I was in the car this morning and one of my fave songs came on it got me hyped for the weekend so I wanted to share: 
Sexy back by Justin Timberlake on Grooveshark

How does this song not make you want to dance right? So I linked up for 

What do you have planned for the weekend?? 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ain't no sunshine when she's gone....

Since I started a job this week...hold the applause I just took it to cover the bills until I find something better.....I am very much in a brain fart so I thought it would be fun to do this little blog award thing I saw over at Not Entirely Perfect 

Had to pick a song for the least I think I was supposed to? Anyway, I love that song and if you dont know it here ya go: 

Now I am supposed to answer 10 questions! 

1. What is your favorite TV show currently on Netflix? Hmmm I used netflix to catch up on Sons of Anarchy and The Game 

2. What color do you look best in? I would automatically say black because its slimming but I actually think I look really good in bright colors especially if I am tan then they just look really great with my skin tone. 

3.Which Disney Princess are you most like? Hmmm thats a hard one. I think I am like Ariel. I am a dreamer and always getting myself into something and I won't lie I have a bit of hoarding tendencies when it comes to papers. 

4. Favorite cartoon growing up? Hmmm haha I was a real Disney kid so to be honest I don't remember watching much cartoons but I did love Chip & Dale's Rescue Rangers! 

5. Go to drink at a coffee shop?  Well...I gave up coffee 7 years ago so usually some kind of tea or something with chocolate. When its cold I almost always order hot chocolate w/peppermint & cinnamon anywhere I can 

6. Favorite blogs you found recently that you want to share? haha well I would share the blog I got this from Stephanie is hilarious! Also, I recently found and fell in blogger love with Erin at The Party Girls Guide I love anyone who tells it like it is and can curse in her blogs without apologizing! 

7. First store you look at when you have money? 
Does Priceline count? if not then Zappos and Coach...haha big difference I know. Usually I want to spend money on vacation instead of clothes but when I want something fashionable its usually a purse or shoes. 

8. What is your Instagram account? monipins 

9. Things about fall your most looking forward to? Ooh the boots. I love wearing boots...and I have so many! Haha and being able to drink warm drinks outside...ooh and not having to sweat to death in my non AC having vehicle! 

10. Whats your favorite thing to win in blog Giveaways? Haha I NEVER win...well there was one time but then I never got any of the things I won which really sucked. I would say I like gift cards to shops that I have never heard of before. Its fun to find new things. 

 I am just going to post 10 questions and if you want to post on your blog send a link in the comments so I can check it out or just feel free to answer! 

1. Fall TV-what show are you excited to have start again? 
2. What is one item you must have with you everyday? 
3. Biggest pet peeve? 
4. Favorite Social media site? 
5. Do you like link-ups? If so which is your fave? 
6. What is/are your favorite dessert or sweets? 
7. What song can you listen to right now over and over and not get tired of? 
8. Number 1 goal to accomplish before the end of 2013? 
9. If you could eat one thing everyday for a month what would it be? 
10. All time favorite lyric? 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Things that confuzzle me....

So I have spent a great deal of time over the past few weeks searching for a job, interviewing and waiting. Not fun at all....

Not all things that confuzzle me are job search related but I can share some things I have been thinking about this week.....

Job applications that ask for your title. I know I am not a Mr. or a Mrs. But how the eff do I know if I am a Miss or a Ms? Is there a difference. I suppose I could just look this up but see Miss makes me think of me at 22 and Ms makes me think of me I go with Ms. Please let me know if I am going about this all wrong??!!!
This does not explain my problem...what about the damn Ms?????

Why do people think its ok to advertise for a job and then call you, set you up for an interview and then when you get there inform you its not the job you applied for? Waste time much? I can't just be sitting in my non-AC having car for an hour in 90° weather to get here and have you offer me some sales job I didn't want. Asshats...

Why do friends want to tell you all the dumb things their significant other is doing knowing my advice will always be the same "if you don't like it, change it or get the eff out" and then stand there and make excuses. My advice hasn't changed so don't complain then make excuses for their behavior, if you truly weren't bothered by it then you wouldn't have complained to begin with! (by the by I don't mean shit like oooh he leaves his socks everywhere...come on now The Boy leaves his socks everywhere and I swear one day I will strangle him with them. I mean serious shit like "he won't let me poop without checking in first") 

Why I don't have millions of dollars????
This really really confuzzles me. 

Why it is so hard to pay for an education in this damn country. I don't make parents don't make millions(at least until I get their life insurance...hmmm) I want to finish school and then continue to get my Masters & PHD. I also would like to do this without owing $124,587 in student loans. I mean seriously. Do I want to spend the rest of my life paying off student loans?? Shit no! Am I asking for money to fall from the sky?? Yes  No but seriously it just shouldn't be so damn hard to afford to pursue your education since every job you want to do requires a degree anyway. 

Why must I bloat up to the size of a whale during PMS? Why?? Its not cute to work your ass off at the gym and then look in the mirror the week before the evil red returns and you look like the brown version of the Michelin tire guy....

why can't your body develop a natural allergy to shit you know you shouldn't have? Like perhaps...chocolate? I love that shit and instead of being lactose intolerant maybe my body should be chocolate intolerant so I could stop sabotaging my workout efforts? #imjustsaying

That is all I have for now.....

What has confuzzled you this week?? 

Friday, August 16, 2013

5 Friday wants.....

These are things I want...right now as of this moment....

1. A job....

not just any job though, a full time one in a place where I don't want to punch people in the throat, that pays well and values me as a person and employee. (yes I am aware I am asking for the world) 

2. HOT weather. 
I know a lot of people don't like the heat but I love it and I have been scammed coming home to a crappy Chicago summer. It hasn't been over 80° since the week I got home and I am freezing my ass!! 

3. Tickets to see Luke Bryan...
I don't care where...but if the tickets could also include airfare to wherever the concert is I would greatly appreciate that. But seriously. I am dying to see him in concert! 

4. Shopping!!! 
I haven't gone on a good shopping spree in over a year. I needs one...I actually do only because I got home and realized all my clothes is now too big and also just plain old. 

5. A girls night out...

I haven't had one since I got home and I need a night of dressing up pretty, putting on some makeup and drinking/dancing with my favorite girls all night long ;) 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

This time around...

So I was gone for a week. Since I got home last month I have been go go go and I realized that I wasn't making time to read blogs or comment and barely even post. I stopped interacting with  my favorite blog people and my posts just became summaries of what I was doing and there was no depth to them.

I still have so much I want to tell you guys about my experiences living in Thailand and China and how I feel that have changed me for better and worse. But for right now I have to focus on finding a job and maybe an apartment soon after and getting things worked out with being back in school.

So if you are in Chicago, lets hang out! If your not please forgive me for the less than deep posts that will continue coming. I promise to be better about reading and commenting as well I don't want to completely miss out on whats is going on with all my favorite bloggy people!

Ooh and I leave you with this song...because I love Miranda Lambert :)

Friday, August 2, 2013

When I do watch sports...

Its usually soccer but sometimes I go to baseball games as well....usually for the booze.

One of my coworkers in China had no idea what tailgating is...can you believe that? I was like well...what do you do when you go to a Rugby game back home just go in the stadium? You mean you don't grill and get drunk in the parking lot??? What kind of madness....

Anyway...this past weekend i went to the USA v Panama GoldCup finale soccer game and Tuesday I went to the Cubs v Brewers game for my bestie G's birthday :)

Told you I have been a busy bee....

Cubs game! 

Do you go to any games?
So can see its been a crazy week. Hopefully an even better weekend is on the way! 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

When birthday parties are done right....(link up)

This past weekend we celebrated my best friend G's birthday. Some of my favorite girls met me out for dinner before we joined the party and by the time we got there he had passed go and collected too many shots. It was a good night and seriously felt just like old times :) 

So what better way to link up for The Party Don't Start till I walk in...than with my first party back in Chicago? 

and then the birthday boy was done.....

I think it went pretty well for a first night out! How do you do birthday parties? 

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