Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ain't no sunshine when she's gone....

Since I started a job this week...hold the applause I just took it to cover the bills until I find something better.....I am very much in a brain fart so I thought it would be fun to do this little blog award thing I saw over at Not Entirely Perfect 

Had to pick a song for the least I think I was supposed to? Anyway, I love that song and if you dont know it here ya go: 

Now I am supposed to answer 10 questions! 

1. What is your favorite TV show currently on Netflix? Hmmm I used netflix to catch up on Sons of Anarchy and The Game 

2. What color do you look best in? I would automatically say black because its slimming but I actually think I look really good in bright colors especially if I am tan then they just look really great with my skin tone. 

3.Which Disney Princess are you most like? Hmmm thats a hard one. I think I am like Ariel. I am a dreamer and always getting myself into something and I won't lie I have a bit of hoarding tendencies when it comes to papers. 

4. Favorite cartoon growing up? Hmmm haha I was a real Disney kid so to be honest I don't remember watching much cartoons but I did love Chip & Dale's Rescue Rangers! 

5. Go to drink at a coffee shop?  Well...I gave up coffee 7 years ago so usually some kind of tea or something with chocolate. When its cold I almost always order hot chocolate w/peppermint & cinnamon anywhere I can 

6. Favorite blogs you found recently that you want to share? haha well I would share the blog I got this from Stephanie is hilarious! Also, I recently found and fell in blogger love with Erin at The Party Girls Guide I love anyone who tells it like it is and can curse in her blogs without apologizing! 

7. First store you look at when you have money? 
Does Priceline count? if not then Zappos and Coach...haha big difference I know. Usually I want to spend money on vacation instead of clothes but when I want something fashionable its usually a purse or shoes. 

8. What is your Instagram account? monipins 

9. Things about fall your most looking forward to? Ooh the boots. I love wearing boots...and I have so many! Haha and being able to drink warm drinks outside...ooh and not having to sweat to death in my non AC having vehicle! 

10. Whats your favorite thing to win in blog Giveaways? Haha I NEVER win...well there was one time but then I never got any of the things I won which really sucked. I would say I like gift cards to shops that I have never heard of before. Its fun to find new things. 

 I am just going to post 10 questions and if you want to post on your blog send a link in the comments so I can check it out or just feel free to answer! 

1. Fall TV-what show are you excited to have start again? 
2. What is one item you must have with you everyday? 
3. Biggest pet peeve? 
4. Favorite Social media site? 
5. Do you like link-ups? If so which is your fave? 
6. What is/are your favorite dessert or sweets? 
7. What song can you listen to right now over and over and not get tired of? 
8. Number 1 goal to accomplish before the end of 2013? 
9. If you could eat one thing everyday for a month what would it be? 
10. All time favorite lyric? 


Something Infinitely Interesting said...

love me some SOA!

Erin said...

ahh thanks for the shout out! I feel like a million damn bucks when a blog i love mentions me. you are the best, and I will totally be answering your questions.

Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

SoA is amazing, except season 2 or whatever season when they went to Ireland. Jax is hawt and all kinds of sexy!

Vodka and Soda

Stephanie said...

Yay! I'm glad you answered! Your hoarding tendencies Ariel answer was hilarious.
I have not watched Sons of Anarchy or the Game... I have some watching to do it sounds like ;)

Liz @ Fitness Blondie said...

Hi there Ms. Curls and Cocktails. Loved getting to know you better. I lvoe shopping on Zappo's esp. for shoes and I LOOOVEEE Coach. Have a fab Thursday, love. xo

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