Friday, August 23, 2013

Things that confuzzle me....

So I have spent a great deal of time over the past few weeks searching for a job, interviewing and waiting. Not fun at all....

Not all things that confuzzle me are job search related but I can share some things I have been thinking about this week.....

Job applications that ask for your title. I know I am not a Mr. or a Mrs. But how the eff do I know if I am a Miss or a Ms? Is there a difference. I suppose I could just look this up but see Miss makes me think of me at 22 and Ms makes me think of me I go with Ms. Please let me know if I am going about this all wrong??!!!
This does not explain my problem...what about the damn Ms?????

Why do people think its ok to advertise for a job and then call you, set you up for an interview and then when you get there inform you its not the job you applied for? Waste time much? I can't just be sitting in my non-AC having car for an hour in 90° weather to get here and have you offer me some sales job I didn't want. Asshats...

Why do friends want to tell you all the dumb things their significant other is doing knowing my advice will always be the same "if you don't like it, change it or get the eff out" and then stand there and make excuses. My advice hasn't changed so don't complain then make excuses for their behavior, if you truly weren't bothered by it then you wouldn't have complained to begin with! (by the by I don't mean shit like oooh he leaves his socks everywhere...come on now The Boy leaves his socks everywhere and I swear one day I will strangle him with them. I mean serious shit like "he won't let me poop without checking in first") 

Why I don't have millions of dollars????
This really really confuzzles me. 

Why it is so hard to pay for an education in this damn country. I don't make parents don't make millions(at least until I get their life insurance...hmmm) I want to finish school and then continue to get my Masters & PHD. I also would like to do this without owing $124,587 in student loans. I mean seriously. Do I want to spend the rest of my life paying off student loans?? Shit no! Am I asking for money to fall from the sky?? Yes  No but seriously it just shouldn't be so damn hard to afford to pursue your education since every job you want to do requires a degree anyway. 

Why must I bloat up to the size of a whale during PMS? Why?? Its not cute to work your ass off at the gym and then look in the mirror the week before the evil red returns and you look like the brown version of the Michelin tire guy....

why can't your body develop a natural allergy to shit you know you shouldn't have? Like perhaps...chocolate? I love that shit and instead of being lactose intolerant maybe my body should be chocolate intolerant so I could stop sabotaging my workout efforts? #imjustsaying

That is all I have for now.....

What has confuzzled you this week?? 


Miss Chelsea said...

Ms is someone who has been divorced, Miss is what you are

Erin said...

I think applying to jobs is the most single frustrating thing on earth

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