Thursday, October 31, 2013

On Halloween!

Its a great day to work at a small school! The Elementary kids had to get creative and be a historical character the primary kids all got to be whatever cute thing they could come up with! 

I am a Minion! My group of friends is pretty great with dressing up so this year Snifferella came up with the awesome idea of being Minions...and we made it happen! 

Here are some pics from last weekends shenanigans with my friends out celebrating: 

This is how a minion looks when they enjoy the music! 

My lovely sister!! 

Dancing my minion ass off with two of my sister & Snifferella 

I'm going to trick or treat with my nephew if the weather permits and then just pass out candy.
How are you spending your Halloween?? 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

On Pumpkin Patches.....

So this past weekend my family finally made it out to the pumpkin patch...we try to do this every year but as we know I was too far away to make it happen last year! 

This year they had so many new things at Bengston's, where we have gone every year since I was a little shit and my brother was even born(before I was 13). They had camel rides, which I was super excited about until I saw the very small space that I was going to pay $7 to travel around on his back...then I just pouted and kept walking! 

Going to the pumpkin patch since my nephew was born is actually pretty great since he is so young and gets to enjoy all the things we have seen over & over. 

we were running around the corn maze trying to get catch my dad and brother and lost my Mrs.M, so she jumped out and caught my nephew. 

Part of the tradition of us going is to take photos in the pumpkin patch area...its really amazing to see how everyone, especially my brother & nephew have changed. 

This guy is amazing! When we passed by the pumpkin was untouched, an hour later we came back by and this is how it looked. Seriously...after just an hour. 

It closes today so I can't recommend that you go visit if your in Chicago but maybe next year?! Did you go to a pumpkin patch this year? 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Five on Friday....

So I always see these fashion posts pop up...and I seriously can barely dress myself every day let alone put together some masterpiece outfit to compete with the other girls that get up hours earlier to get pretty. I get up at 5 am right now...imagine if I actually combed my hair and put makeup on before work!?! HA! never. 

So I thought it would be fun to list 5 trends that I can never pull off....

Awesome hair styles...You know why?! Because I have curly hair..not wavy...actual curly hair. So yea. I can't do cool shit like that to my do. 

 Printed pants or leggings.Besides the obvious fact that I do not have thin thighs there is the fact that I am short. One can be helped the other can not. Short/chunky thighs DO NOT look cute in printed pants or leggings.

Pointy Nails. This is one of those I am sure I could pull off but won't. They are gross. That is all.

Ridiculous shoes. I mean seriously...who besides an expert stripper can walk in anything over 3" without doing that weird shuffles so you don't fall? Not me. That's who.

A T-shirt. This pretty much encompasses any DIY type outfit. For 1 I can't possibly get my ass not to hang out the back of a t-shirt dress & 2. I am just not creative enough for that nonsense.

Do you have trouble with any of these? What are some trends you just can't work with??

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Chinese Food

One of the things I love most is food.(thats my inner fat kid talking) but really I do. I fell in love with the food in Thailand right away and am basically ruined for life because nothing will compare. But I have not had this same experience with Chinese food. I have found some things I really enjoy and some things I would rather not see ever again. 

Here are some of my fave Chinese foods that I am going to try making and finding here in the US: 

Red Bean Konnyaku jelly 
This stuff is delicious and different. It has a jelly like texture and obviously uses red beans which is not usually something you find in a dessert but Asians love red beans in their sweets! 

Kai-Lan (Chinese Broccoli) 

I love Broccoli and this tastes nothing like it but it was delicious and I never once went to a restaurant and didn't order it. I made it in my apartment all the time too! Here is a recipe if you would like to try making it. 

I'm convinced they put crack in their eggplant dishes. Before moving abroad I had eaten eggplant less times than I have fingers. Now I miss it so much and have asked one of my old chinese coworkers to give me a recipe to try and make it at home...minus the crack of course. 

McDonald's Taro Pie

I should be ashamed of myself for admitting this but I loved these things! I am a fan of the McDonald's apple pies even though I rarely ate them here so I definitely interested in trying these. They were amazing and I am so unhappy with McDonalds for not having them here. 

Jian Dui(Sesame Taro Balls) 
Another Taro food that I fell in love with. They are probably horrendously bad for me but I loved them anyway. Deep Fried and I think made with some kind of rice? I think it might be possible to find them at a Dim Sum place...I will investigate this! 

These are delicious and have an odd texture sometimes sweet sometimes tart...but I was very excited to find a fruit I hadn't tried before. 

Fish balls
I couldn't really find a proper name for these but they are delicious. They could really be all kinds of parts of the fish or not even real fish but I don't care. They are spongey balls with a fish flavor that taste great in soup or with noodles. I often ordered them as a snack at 7-11 and it was not uncommon to see people walking around eating these with skewers. 

There are other things I miss...but these were some of my favorite. 
Have you tried anything while traveling that you miss now? 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

On Paintballing...

Somehow The Boy convinced me to try paintballing with we got a group together and headed out to middle of damn nowhere also know as Badlandz to run around the forest and shoot each other for fun. 

It actually turned out to be a great time and I am excited to go again. I do have some welts and I got shot in the thumb in my last game...I pretty much gave  up on life for about 5 minutes until I regained feeling in my thumb. So here are some photos to share....

The Girls in the group! 

My little brother & Cousin making a strategy before we went in 

The Boy & I....

In action :) 

The whole group...this map was called Normandy..and it was evil 

Have you been paintballing?? Love it or Hate it? 
If your in Chicago we are going again in 3 weeks! 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Five on Friday!

I am seriously lusting after some things...I know I chose that word on purpose. Getting home and having to settle back into not having tons of money waiting in your bank account to be spent traveling the world has been not quite as exciting as you might imagine.

That being are some things I want...very know in case you were dying to give me something from now until then...or you had magical of those two would be great! 
This watch...I need it. Ok I dont really need it but I would like it...

For April to get here ASAP. The Boy and I are planning our first real vacation during my spring break and so I need it to be here ASAP so we can go 

To have time to watch all my shows...Seriously. There are at least 3 show that I have already given up on and decided will be watched during the summer when everything else is done for the season. 
WHY must everything show on the same night or times??

A whole new wardrobe...I need clothes and I have been trying to get by layering my summery stuff and its not working! 

this...please and thank you! 

So yea I want a lot...sue me. 

Whats your Five for Friday?? 

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

On dates...

Since I am living in the burbs with my parents I really only get to see The Boy on weekends and an occasional late weekday if I hang out to avoid traffic. So we have been trying to make the most of our time together.

We get up and workout together, we cook, try new things. I made a meetup group for Couples looking to make friends with other couples.(So if you are in Chicago and use Meetup join us!) and since we have been going to events with that group.

Anyway....a couple weekends ago we had an impromptu date night. We went out to my fave Indian place-Delhi Darbar. It's one of those smallish places that is not fancy at all but the food is delicious! We had planned to see a movie but were both so full we wanted to do something that would keep us moving so we drove out to the Skokie Sports Park  and just enjoyed it all. The weather was pretty nice around 70.
Yummy food porn: 

We learned that when at the batting cages even when I go to the slow pitch baseball cage I am still barely able to hit a ball and I whine because my hands hurt. 

See that form right there!
 We learned that when at the driving range it takes me at least 3 swings before I actually  hit the ball....

We also learned that The Boy can't stay off the phone, I cheat and I am a horrible mini golfer(a couple spots actually took me 10 tries)

Trying to do new things has been fun...this Sunday were are going Paintballing in a big group and I am terrified excited. 
What do you like to do for your dates?? 

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