Thursday, October 24, 2013

Chinese Food

One of the things I love most is food.(thats my inner fat kid talking) but really I do. I fell in love with the food in Thailand right away and am basically ruined for life because nothing will compare. But I have not had this same experience with Chinese food. I have found some things I really enjoy and some things I would rather not see ever again. 

Here are some of my fave Chinese foods that I am going to try making and finding here in the US: 

Red Bean Konnyaku jelly 
This stuff is delicious and different. It has a jelly like texture and obviously uses red beans which is not usually something you find in a dessert but Asians love red beans in their sweets! 

Kai-Lan (Chinese Broccoli) 

I love Broccoli and this tastes nothing like it but it was delicious and I never once went to a restaurant and didn't order it. I made it in my apartment all the time too! Here is a recipe if you would like to try making it. 

I'm convinced they put crack in their eggplant dishes. Before moving abroad I had eaten eggplant less times than I have fingers. Now I miss it so much and have asked one of my old chinese coworkers to give me a recipe to try and make it at home...minus the crack of course. 

McDonald's Taro Pie

I should be ashamed of myself for admitting this but I loved these things! I am a fan of the McDonald's apple pies even though I rarely ate them here so I definitely interested in trying these. They were amazing and I am so unhappy with McDonalds for not having them here. 

Jian Dui(Sesame Taro Balls) 
Another Taro food that I fell in love with. They are probably horrendously bad for me but I loved them anyway. Deep Fried and I think made with some kind of rice? I think it might be possible to find them at a Dim Sum place...I will investigate this! 

These are delicious and have an odd texture sometimes sweet sometimes tart...but I was very excited to find a fruit I hadn't tried before. 

Fish balls
I couldn't really find a proper name for these but they are delicious. They could really be all kinds of parts of the fish or not even real fish but I don't care. They are spongey balls with a fish flavor that taste great in soup or with noodles. I often ordered them as a snack at 7-11 and it was not uncommon to see people walking around eating these with skewers. 

There are other things I miss...but these were some of my favorite. 
Have you tried anything while traveling that you miss now? 

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Stephanie said...

I think I've only every tried the broccoli!

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