Friday, October 25, 2013

Five on Friday....

So I always see these fashion posts pop up...and I seriously can barely dress myself every day let alone put together some masterpiece outfit to compete with the other girls that get up hours earlier to get pretty. I get up at 5 am right now...imagine if I actually combed my hair and put makeup on before work!?! HA! never. 

So I thought it would be fun to list 5 trends that I can never pull off....

Awesome hair styles...You know why?! Because I have curly hair..not wavy...actual curly hair. So yea. I can't do cool shit like that to my do. 

 Printed pants or leggings.Besides the obvious fact that I do not have thin thighs there is the fact that I am short. One can be helped the other can not. Short/chunky thighs DO NOT look cute in printed pants or leggings.

Pointy Nails. This is one of those I am sure I could pull off but won't. They are gross. That is all.

Ridiculous shoes. I mean seriously...who besides an expert stripper can walk in anything over 3" without doing that weird shuffles so you don't fall? Not me. That's who.

A T-shirt. This pretty much encompasses any DIY type outfit. For 1 I can't possibly get my ass not to hang out the back of a t-shirt dress & 2. I am just not creative enough for that nonsense.

Do you have trouble with any of these? What are some trends you just can't work with??


Stephanie said...

Yeah the pointed nails are just icky, not cute! I could never do printed pants (let's not advertise my hips and ass any more than it already is!) Nor the shoes, I'm a flats girl for sure.

K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy said...

Yea, those stripper shoes are not for me. I like my heels a little high, but sometimes you have to know when it's too high. Hmm...I want to attempt to make that shirt dress just to see if I can do it. Not a fan of the point nails either. Reminds of bird talons.

Erin said...

i pretty much have no style in general lol

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