Thursday, October 17, 2013

On dates...

Since I am living in the burbs with my parents I really only get to see The Boy on weekends and an occasional late weekday if I hang out to avoid traffic. So we have been trying to make the most of our time together.

We get up and workout together, we cook, try new things. I made a meetup group for Couples looking to make friends with other couples.(So if you are in Chicago and use Meetup join us!) and since we have been going to events with that group.

Anyway....a couple weekends ago we had an impromptu date night. We went out to my fave Indian place-Delhi Darbar. It's one of those smallish places that is not fancy at all but the food is delicious! We had planned to see a movie but were both so full we wanted to do something that would keep us moving so we drove out to the Skokie Sports Park  and just enjoyed it all. The weather was pretty nice around 70.
Yummy food porn: 

We learned that when at the batting cages even when I go to the slow pitch baseball cage I am still barely able to hit a ball and I whine because my hands hurt. 

See that form right there!
 We learned that when at the driving range it takes me at least 3 swings before I actually  hit the ball....

We also learned that The Boy can't stay off the phone, I cheat and I am a horrible mini golfer(a couple spots actually took me 10 tries)

Trying to do new things has been fun...this Sunday were are going Paintballing in a big group and I am terrified excited. 
What do you like to do for your dates?? 


Kenya said...

Paintballing is fun, but I wont' lie to you, it will hurt and you may have some welts on your body after.

Stephanie said...

I freaking suck at mini golf, like so bad it stops being funny. I don't understand how I can be so terrible, it's not fair.
John and I do terribly touristy things but I don't even care. I made him take me to navy pier and the shedd aquarium. It's fun!

Erin said...

that sounds like a perfect date!! I love me some indian food

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