Wednesday, October 30, 2013

On Pumpkin Patches.....

So this past weekend my family finally made it out to the pumpkin patch...we try to do this every year but as we know I was too far away to make it happen last year! 

This year they had so many new things at Bengston's, where we have gone every year since I was a little shit and my brother was even born(before I was 13). They had camel rides, which I was super excited about until I saw the very small space that I was going to pay $7 to travel around on his back...then I just pouted and kept walking! 

Going to the pumpkin patch since my nephew was born is actually pretty great since he is so young and gets to enjoy all the things we have seen over & over. 

we were running around the corn maze trying to get catch my dad and brother and lost my Mrs.M, so she jumped out and caught my nephew. 

Part of the tradition of us going is to take photos in the pumpkin patch area...its really amazing to see how everyone, especially my brother & nephew have changed. 

This guy is amazing! When we passed by the pumpkin was untouched, an hour later we came back by and this is how it looked. Seriously...after just an hour. 

It closes today so I can't recommend that you go visit if your in Chicago but maybe next year?! Did you go to a pumpkin patch this year? 

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