Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Color Run 5K!

I was supposed to post this on Monday...that didn't happen...then again on Tuesday....that didn't happen. So here we are on Wednesday and I posting about what I did this past weekend. Who knows what is going on in the world anymore! 

Anyway I've wanted to do this run for awhile but of course I miss it last year and then in June when they came to Chicago but someone told me they were coming back. For the first time I registered for a 5k all alone, I didn't care if no one ran it with me but then a week before Mrs. M, The Boy, my brother & cousin all signed up to join me and I was happy to have people I knew to run with. 

It was a blast and I think pictures are really all I can say about it! 

It was dirty and lots of fun! 
My best tip is to try and get there either early or snake  your way to the start as soon as you can. We were in the 4th wave to go through and by the time we got to the 4th color station they were out of powder paint, we had to kind of grab it off the floor to toss at each other and there were at least 10 other waves behind us. 

Have you done The Color Run 5k?? 

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Miranda said...

i have never done one but i would love to! either the color run or they do mud ones...something to keep my mind off the fact i am running haha

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