Friday, November 22, 2013

Five on Friday!

Its Friday!!! Wooo hooo! 
I figured I would share 5 things I plan to do this weekend....

Go Ice Skating in Millennium Park with a bunch of other couples from our Meetup Group! 
Of course, it is going to be damn cold all weekend...of course. 

Watch last night's episode of Scandal. Really hoping to do that today...drives me nuts when I am more than a day behind it! 

See Catching Fire! 
I am sad I didn't see the midnight show but I have to be up 5 am on the daily...just couldn't do it to myself and then I will re-read the book like I always do right after I see a movie! 

Celebrate my good friend Summer's birthday at Opart Thai House
I haven't had much time with her since I got back but I am excited to have dinner with all the girls and just celebrate! 
birthday girl in the middle! 

I am now worried because it is going to be a high of 25! Yikes but it is the last chance to go this year before the snow so I will suck  it up and get shot at! 
Also..side note ladies but paintball is actually a great exercise! I burned 1200 calories last time! I turned my watch off whenever we were sitting between games but in total we got a full 2 hours 20 mins of play and that burned tons! 

What do you have planned for this weekend??

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