Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hot Chocolate 5K!

My parents ran this 5k a couple years ago and were disappointed with the "chocolate" factor. First I have to say the Goodie Bag was awesome...it was the best run jacket I have gotten in any of the runs I have done.

The expo for packet pickup was fun, everything was set up so easily,  you were even able to try on the jacket to make sure it fit right so you could exchange it. The were lots of stands to shop for different running gear too! 

The run itself was pretty standard but since it was a 15k & 5k there were a CRAP TON of people. It took us 30 minutes for our Corral to get to the start line to begin. 

Then after the run you get this amazing bowl with some hot chocolate, a bit of chocolate fondue and then treats & a banana to dip in it. Ummmm yes please! I would gladly run 3.2 miles for a bowl of chocolate! 

Tell me that doesn't look delicious??? 

So we ran and it was great, I felt much  better than I have in past 5k's which means I am only improving! 

Signs are one of the best parts of the runs! 
This guy deserved a huge hug!! 

How could you not love a run when you have this in the background???

So it was well worth it and I will definitely sign up for next year...although I do think if I run the 15k my chocolate big should just be a bit bigger! 

Did you run it this past weekend? Or have you run it in your city?? 



Stephanie said...

My mom signed myself and her up for this race 2 years ago, and I got deathly ill the night before and had to go to the hospital. I was in the ER until 3 or 4 am, slept at my mom's until 7, and she STILL made me get up for this damn run. I didn't run it, I just collected all the chocolate, and she ate mine and hers because I was too sick.
Oh mom.

Erin said...

yep i need to run this!!

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