Monday, November 18, 2013

Just another Monday...

Well Hello there! 

I was completely uninspired last week and rather than post a bunch of link-ups I thought I would give myself a bi-week. I am doing much better this week...I is only Monday so this could change. 

Have you felt uninspired to blog at all? What are some tips or ways you got through it?? 

I thought I would share some photos from my iphone to give you an idea of my life lately....
I really want to warn you that it is mostly food and not enough of excitement

I was dying for some good Thai food so The Boy and I set out to make me some Panag chicken & we did not disappoint 

Then I caught a nasty cold....some Pho because who doesn't love it when they are sick! 

Went on a tour of  Lake Effect Brewery, that  I mentioned before having heard about it on Stephanie's Blog! We had a great turnout, 3 other couples came out. 

Random morning...this is what I have to deal with in bed... 

I am not a fan of Mexican I have mentioned a million times before but sometimes I can tolerate it. So we set out for breakfast and ordered Chilaquiles....I had no idea what was coming my way. If this looks huge in photo you have no idea! 

By the way it can be found at Amigos Chinos 

Random Target visit with my mother....can't make a trip without some kind of ridiculous photo! 

  I joined a secret santa gift exchange on a blog I follow Fat Mum Slim  I think I mentioned it before...but after stalking my partners FB postings in the group and asking questions on Elfster I finally got some of her gifts and I am soooo excited to send them! They are going to Australia so I am going to put them in the post hopefully by the end of the week. Just waiting for one more thing! 

Also...already bought & wrapped my nephew's gift. I refuse to wait till the after Thanksgiving rush to do the easy will make me nuts!  

For those of you in Illinois you experienced the storms yesterday. I am sending lots of positive thoughts to the people who suffered all the damage by the tornadoes and storms. I was stuck in Target for about an hour because of the rain and wind. For about 20 mins they asked everyone to move to the back of the store and then after I just sat waiting till I thought I would actually be able to drive the 2 miles back to my parents. Definitely scary stuff. 

What is going on in your life??  

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Stephanie said...

Isn't the chicken coop the most hilarious thing you've ever seen?! Were the turkeys in there when you went?

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