Thursday, November 21, 2013

On wanderlust...

Even though I have only been back in the states for 4 months and 5 days and I would be lying if I said I haven't been looking for a new place to go. 

I think I might need a vacation to help me calm down but being back in this rat race in such a go go go mentality after a much simpler lifestyle in Thailand/China has been difficult. 

I missed Chicago, I really did and all my family & friends but I miss being somewhere else now too..

I've been looking at teaching jobs in Costa Rica, Peru and Spain..actually basically anywhere in Europe or Latin America. I got an email from a friend about a job in Russia BUT I think maybe I am done with communist countries for awhile. 

Does anyone out there deal with this?? 

So that being said...I have obviously started looking for places to vacation before The Boy gives up and leaves when he finds out I have been applying to jobs in foreign countries again! Just Kidding not really

Costa Rica 



Anywhere at this point to be honest....
 I think this defines me perfectly

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Miranda said...

i would love to do spain! being able to travel for the weekend anywhere in europe is awesome. And i don't blame you for not going to Russia...i would actually be scared to go there.

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