Tuesday, November 26, 2013

On Weekends...

I should have posted this yesterday but I have a two day work week(be jealous its ok) so I have been crazy busy.

But I wanted to share this little bit of photos with you! I did almost everything I said I was going to do on my Five on Friday list this weekend....only missing watching Catching Fire.

Ice Skating at Millennium Park Friday night! 
We had two other couples join us so that was a lot of fun :) 

Saturday night...celebrated this girl's birthday! 

Sunday....even though it was damn near freezing at 19 out we went paintballing!
Mrs. M joined us...so now she is officially a badass...running marathons and paintballing...she does it all :) 

Can't  be complete without at least showing one ridiculous welt I have! 

How was your weekend?? 

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