Friday, December 13, 2013

Secret Santa Swap Reveal!

I love any kind of gift swap and doing them through blogs is always so much fun. I get to learn about a few new blogs, shop for a stranger(which can be either fun or stressful depending on the info given) and then, of course, I get mail. 

I love mail...any  kind..I really do! So if you like to send snail mail please feel free to get my address and send away! 

I still am not sure who my Secret Santa is  but I had Leeann over @ Join The Gossip and I am very guilty of accidentally putting my information down when I sent my gift. I went back and read the info after and realized I was not supposed to reveal who I am! Ooops! 

How awesome is that! I love love Reese holiday treats and a new mug always makes me happy! I have started a collection of ornaments when I finally do put up a tree so that will be a great addition! 

Thank you so  much to whoever it is!! 


Jamie Vespa said...

Hi, I'm Jamie & I'm your Secret Santa! And I am so glad that you liked your gift!!

Jamie @
The Growing Up Diaries

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Yay!! You had me! Thanks for such a sweet package! So many cute things :)

Lol when you put your name I was like, "Wait, did I do it wrong?"

Nice to "mmet ya" Santa!!

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