Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Humpday Confessions

Linking up for Humpday Confessions...even though I have now found out that the link up isn't so much a link up anymore :(

 I worry too much. About everything. I am sure that is normal for most people...but then I sent a photo of my knuckles to The Boy the other night...stressed because I was worried they are too bony. They are the only bony thing on my body...I should have been like "ooh snap look at that!" haha but no...I was worried.

He might be too used to things like this because he just laughed. 

This sums it up....

My old Canadian coworker GCgirl messaged me this a couple days ago and I almost died laughing. We had many a conversation about why I couldn't be president when we were living in China....

because of #2 I damn near quit my job took me 3 hours to get to to work..making me over an hour late. It was not snowing and the highways were plowed...and yet...people were driving less than 10 miles an hour. I got to a point where I said this job isn't worth the stress and almost rage quit. 

Saturday I had brunch with a good friend who was in town visiting and we are walking the streets all bundled up and fighting the snow coming in sideways and we look up and see this....

 I confess....I took the photo and shared it with EVERYONE. Because know why. 

I had the best workout I have had in months the other day. I don't know exactly why it was so great...maybe because I tried really hard and was super into it and felt like a damn rockstar afterwards...

and then....then...I woke up the next day....

Haha but I will do that workout again and I lift even more next time bitches!!! 

So those are my confessions...forgive the underlying anger PMS is an evil sickness. 


Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

awww Mon, haha ok i will put-up a link every wednesday just for you. because i love you ok?

and don't even talk to me about stupid people. they are everywhere. sometimes i wonder how they can even function in life!!!

Vodka and Soda

Something Infinitely Interesting said...

Whoa what is that girl doing!! And i can agree with how stupid people are!!!!

Chloe said...

Did you send it to everybody because that girl is fucking crazy wearing a dress in the snow?? I mean, that's my guess.

As for rage quitting, it feels almost as good if you just scream out in your car that you quit. Try it. ;)

Stopping by from the link up!

AiringMyDirtyLaundry said...

Okay, where was that girls pants? Wasn't she cold? I would have been so tempted to say, "Do you feel a DRAFT?" really loudly.

Erin said...

your knuckles look fine to me haha!! and wtf with those pants or lack thereof

Stephanie said...

PUT SOME PANTS ON OMG IT'S -23 DEGREES HERE. That person is insane, obviously. In. Sane.

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