Thursday, January 2, 2014

My NYE Decor!

I have been such a bad blogger since I am on break off work. I am so not excited to go back to work on Monday, thankfully the kids don't get back till Tuesday. 

You may recall I said The Boy & I would be throwing a 1920's themed party. I have been doing a ton of planning and prepping. For a while there I was pretty stressed about it but the more I did the more excited I was. 

In true Chicago fashion it started snowing Tuesday afternoon and continued well into today. Some people cancelled last minute because of the weather and the severe lack of cabs is already horrible enough for NYE. 

I got so many ideas off of Pinterest and got a cocktail cupcake idea from Stephanie @ Not Entirely Perfect, gold painted mason jars from Pinterest

The Photo Booth! 

Prop station 

I'll share the pictures of the rest of the party as soon as I get them all together! 
What did you do for NYE? 


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