Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Humpday Confessions!

I confess....

-I've become a hermit...this weather is too much. I know I know I've lived in Chicago all my life I should be used to it..blah blah blah...I've also hated winter all my life and that hasn't changed. It seriously is snowing again...getting to work this morning was a GIANT shitshow. So there. 
this isn't me but it took 3 people to get my car out yesterday...not cool

-I FINALLY signed up at the FitBody Boot Camp that I pass every damn day on the way to work. I am super excited to get my ass in there and get my ass handed to me.(a lot going on with my ass) 

-I confess I am still trying to get my shiz together for this giveaway I want to do! Forgive me I am one unorganized mess!!

-I have a crush on the Adam dude from Girls. Actually I think I just end up with crushes on any character from TV shows is messed up. Adam from Girls, Tig from SOA...its a problem I need help with. 

-Speaking of TV I miss Jersey was my weekly dose of ridiculous train wreck and its gone!! I can't get into the Housewives of wherever I just don't like them...any suggestions??? 

-I really need to get my ass out and meet new people and definitely finally meet some area bloggers so if you know of anything going on let me know! Its just gotten to be that time to meet new people again :) 

What are you confessing today?? 



Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

oh, they're airing a new reality show called - get this - mexico shore! hahahah i heard that on the radio and everyone thought it was a joke but it's true! yay for MTV putting out quality tv content.

Vodka and Soda

Miranda said...

Someday I'd like to meet up you! Not during the winter with this weather though! Lol

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