Thursday, February 13, 2014

Its ok!

Remember Its Ok Thursday? What ever happened to that link up? It was the one day a week I could excuse my nonsense...Well I am going to just go with it this one time..and so I don't get bitched out: This idea belongs to Neely over at A Complete Waste of Makeup

Now....its Ok....

-That I said I was hosting a giveaway and then slacked my ass off and haven't even gotten it started. Ok...thats not actually ok but I promise promise it will be live on Monday with all my fave things!

-That I have been a negative nelly for the past couple weeks. Its not usually in my nature, I am generally very positive and happy BUT everyone gets to be in a slump without having to add to that by feeling bad that they can't be positive for everyone

-That as much as I would like to go on a vacation tomorrow...I have to be responsible and pay bills first. Maybe.

-That I was completely irresponsible and now the Illinois Tollway a SHIT ton of money. not just a little bit...a SHIT ton.

-That The Boy and I don't ever really do anything different for Valentine's day. I don't hate the day, neither does he, we just never started to make it a thing so it never became one.
                        Side note: I do think I need to make it clear to him that he must start showing me love the rest of the year though. A bitch could use a damn flower once in a while...shit.

-That I unfollowed the hell out of some blogs this week. I was feeling bad about it but it was super annoying to keeping marking tons of posts as read on Bloglovin.

-That I skipped that boot camp class I was so excited for on Monday because my entire body was a walking bruise from this weekend. I will get my shit together...I will.

-That sometimes my posts include more curse words than sailors drop on the daily.

That's all folks! 


Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

"A bitch could use a damn flower once in a while...shit." <----BAHAHAHAH this made me laugh so hard!!

about your house-cleaning -- bitch, i better not be part of the group you drop kicked!

i also cleaned house too; booted some bitches off who paid me no mind. ain't nobody got time fo' dat.

-kathy | Vodka and Soda

bri - deliciouslyactive said...

I also unfollowed some blogs, mainly the ones that have NEVER responded to one of my many comments I left. I mean, come on, you can't even take 5 seconds to respond to the new name that showed up in your comments field?

And I never knew "It's Ok" was a previous linkup. No lie, I have a draft with a list of "it's okay" I think I called it "it's all good or it's totally cool" but same concept.

Stephanie said...

I unfollow every week pretty much. I'm constantly checking, I don't need randoms clogging up my reader!
What happened with the tolls? Did you get a ticket?

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