Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tips for Thursday!

I thought I might blog about something I have realized I have definitely taken advantage of over the past few years. Ways to meet new people!

A little backstory here: When I moved from the burbs to the city(Chicago) around 5 ish years ago I was sick of the friends I had. They had all decided to get pregnant, move out of state and stop keeping in touch or were just all around turned into shitty people. So I made it a mission to find new friends.

I love meeting new people so I thought I might share some of the ways I have found to work and some I may have heard work.

1. Say Hello. Sounds simple enough right? It can be a little scary and sometimes people won't reciprocate. But if I am at the gym waiting for a class and I see someone who looks friendly I will say hello, strike up a conversation. If I am at the bar and you look like you might be fun to talk to I will talk to you. If you are in line with me at the grocery store and I see something interesting in your cart I will ask you or talk to you. Just  don't be afraid to be friendly.

2. Try more activities alone. I blog alone(obviously?!) so no one can help me make blog friends, I have to do that alone. I have to make comments, attempt to make friendships and follow through with it all on my alone. If I had a friend to do it with I might not be so willing to branch out. I try new gym classes, sign up for random activities alone so that I don't have a crutch to keep me from meeting new people. Try networking events, social/happy hours events, classes, tours anything that involves people and affords you the opportunity to chat!

3. Use the webs! When I first moved I used craigslist...crazy right? But it worked and I met a lot of girls who were looking for the same thing...I actually used to organize monthly dinners and out of all those girls I really meshed with 4-5 and we are still friends. Nowadays there are more decent sites like that are great ways to meet new people. I even use it to help The Boy & I make couple friends.

4. Join a league or group of some sort. If you play sports join a league, if you sing join a signing group, if you do theater join a whatever those are called. Just don't be afraid to join some kind of group and do it alone so you are forced to interact with other people.

5. Look around you and the people you already know. You might be careful how close of a friendship you develop with a coworker if you want to avoid gossip but you never know who you might have things in common with. Don't be afraid to talk to your friends friends or invite them out, or if you have an SO his friends girlfriends. Invite people out and let them bring friends, you will definitely meet more people and maybe make a great friendship out of it. Best way for this is to invite 2-3 friends out to dinner and ask them to invite a friend who might be interested in meeting new people. Then you have 2-3 new people you can meet!

The most important tip I wish someone had given me was to just be yourself and not worry about if you are the right kind of person for whoever you meet. We all have different personalities so you can't please everyone! 


AiringMyDirtyLaundry said...

Great tips. I tend to "meet" a lot of people online.

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

I never knew how cool the connections you can make with people through blogging! :)

Cherie said...

I get social anxiety if I'm out of my element somewhere, which normally makes it hard for me to make friends outside of work and the internet. I will have to remember some of these tips.

Saying hello can definitely be scary, even though it shouldn't be!

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