Monday, March 31, 2014

Oh Monday...

I am finally back to this here blog of mine, I admit I actually did miss posting this past week. Its been a bit of a mess and busy in my life the past week. I'm back to living in the suburbs for now, for those of you who have been following along you might know what that means as far as my relationship. I am not ready to fully talk about it but I will, because this blog helps me get things out and get my mind right when I really need it.

So that being said...I figured I would share some photos from the past week/weekend.
I attended a seminar downtown on Thursday. I am actually really glad that I went, I learned a lot and one of the sessions on business writing is definitely going to come in handy as I start writing a proposal. 

Turns out I am either having some kind of allergic reaction to something new I introduced into my diet with these eating changes or my body is freaking the hell out because I am not giving it sugar/bad carbs anymore. Either way...its ugly and itches like a mother. 

Friday night we had a "staff outing" and it was fun to just relax with my coworkers and enjoy an hour or so of just chit chat. 

Saturday the meetup group that I started(and will soon be leaving) did a tour of Koval Distillery so I had my first cheat day and enjoyed some whiskey tasting and a fun dinner afterwards. The tours are only $10 and the staff is super friendly so I suggest if you are in Chicago you get your ass there! 

And since I got up at 5:00 this morning to get here to work on time it only compounds on this....

Exactly how I am feeling. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

On Mondays...

There were so many much more fun things I could have been doing this weekend...but I did none of them. The Boy and I have run into some major snags in our relationship over the past few months and we hit a boiling point this past week so it was a lot of taking some time and talking things over..which never ever is a fun way to spend your weekend.

On the plus side though here are some things I did do this past week/weekend....

- I made it to 7 whole days of clean eating...that means not one processed anything for 7 damn days.

- I made it to the gym 4 times this past week...hated every second and that's ok.

- I cooked myself and The Boy breakfast, lunch & dinner for the entire week

- I tried 4 new recipes last week

- I dropped 9 pounds since I started taking better care of myself. Yes, 9 and this bitch did a happy dance all over the damn bathroom when I weighed myself.

So there has been some good somewhere in there and I think the best thing I can do is hold on the positive like a damn flotation device!! 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Oh Thursday...

So woke up to this nonsense today....

Eff you Chicago and your first day of Spring lies. 

I don't have much to say today, think I will spend the day creeping on your blogs instead! 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Humpday Confessions!

I confess....

-That I have been negotiating in secret speaking with my old school in China for about 2 weeks now and yesterday I finally said No thank you to their offer and put the shit away. 

-That I feel pretty good about above too and finally feel like I can focus on school and that move out of state I want to make. 

- This dieting business has made me super creative with foods the past few days! 
what I think I look like...

- Kinda stole this one from Kathy but on Wednesdays I pretty much only read the posts for people who link up for humpday confessions. That way I don't have to weed through posts and I am just nosey like that. 

 -My friend messaged me about going to Miami in May and I am on that shit like white on rice. I don't even know if I can afford it but I need a girls trip so bad I will not eat for a month to go! 

-Being a grown up sucks sometimes....see above. 

- Even though I know my friends and family love me sometimes I don't think they realize how their selfish behavior, in the name of "taking care of themselves" can effect me and other people in their lives and it sucks. I wish that everyone would think about how they act before they make excuses for their shitty behavior. 

- I avoided the gym like the plague yesterday and I feel really guilty about it...but I was not having any kind of pain. 

- I may finally  be sick of Facebook. There. I said it. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Random Nonsense...

I am not really sure what I want to say today...that could be because I am on a diet again or wait lets not call it that because everyone around me gets all pissy and tells me "oh just eat healthy and workout" ummm ok. But anyway the lack of sugar in my life is making me some kind of zombie that could possibly attack at any moment.
I might have to kill a bitch for a cookie soon....

I have found a new show...that I didn't actually find but was recommended months ago and I am finally watching...
Shit is weird...and I like it. 

I'm not drinking for 30 days(see above) which means I didn't get to celebrate any St. Patty's activities and that makes me a bit sad. It also means that when I go out with my friends and they act like drunk bitches I will be super jealous that I can't be them. 

I want to go to Vegas this year! Has anyone been, any recommendations??? 
I need an excuse to get fancy and shake my ass with all my girls(outside of Chicago) 

Yesterday this dude was all in my shit while I was deadlifting and I was not ok with that. I mean he stood behind me the entire time! I had to turn around and make sure my tights weren't see through or something. 

He then pretty much followed me around the gym looking like he was working out but mostly sitting on machines near me staring. Not cool man...not cool. 

Also...I hate deadlifts and now have war wounds to prove how awful they are...
Ok maybe not war wounds but that shit hurt.(thats my shin by the way) 

Ok I think that is all I have for you today.

What is going on in your life???

Friday, March 14, 2014

Five on Friday!

I know I am way behind but I love this song....

I figured out a way to get half of my flight to visit my friend in Utah paid for! So excited because that means it is happening! I am now going a day earlier to attend a conference and visit another school but that is definitely ok with me! 

Super excited to see her(on the right)-NYE 2009

Saying yes has been better and I have been running around busy busy the last three weeks. I love catching up with my friends and I am so glad that I am trying to say yes more when I just say no so I can sit at home and watch tv! 

Spring break in T-4 weeks. Yes bitches...that is right. 
No week. That's definitely what I need right now. 

I am loving all the news blogs I have been following the past couple weeks! Where have these awesome ladies been all my life?!? Could they please come to Chicago and be my new friends?! Please and thank you. 

I am so ready for the weekend! What is your five today??

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Humpday Confessions!

What a day, this is going up pretty late in the day so forgive me!

I confess....

-Whenever someone says humpday I think of the Camel commercial...I don't care how played out it is I still love it...

-Going to the doctor yesterday was by far the most depressing thing I have done in months. Brutal honesty sucks. 

-I want to take a kick boxing class so that I can kick some shit but I don't want to sweat or feel like I am exercising...I can't win. 

what I really wish I would look like kicking bags

-I was super excited to have some savings that I could try to book a flight with but then I went batshit nuts and spent a ton of money the past two weeks...on nothing...and now I probably won't get to book that flight. 

- Whenever I talk to the counselor at my online school I want to strangle him...he is dumb and I swear if that is the product of an online education then I am damned. 

-I have not made any new recipes in like two weeks so I conveniently skipped over the Tasty Tuesday post this week & last but I will get my shit together! I will!
Totally kidding i am a badass cook! 

- I can't wait for Game of Thrones to be back! Sooooo excited. 

What are you confessing today??? 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday Funday...

I woke up in a good mood today...which is surprising since we lost an hour and I love sleep. But that aside...I had a pretty interesting weekend!

Let me just tell you all that sometimes a Sunday night dinner with your best friend can make everything right in the world. It has been a long time since we have done that and I think it definitely made my weekend end on a great note!

On another happy note we surprised Sniferella with an edible arrangement & some gifts from the Pleasure Chest because we are good friends and that is what good friends do!

I couldn't figure out how to steal the damn pic! I may have mentioned before I love Uncle Julio's and I was so excited to catch up with Apples finally! 

Birthday girl! 

Her Edible Arrangment 

I've been dying for some Jamaican food so The Boy took me to one of the spots we like and we pigged out big time! 

Seems like I ate a lot this weekend! How was yours?? 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Five on Friday!

Since we are only 7 days into the month I think I might try to set 5 goals for myself. I have been severely lacking in the follow through portion of my life for a few months now and I think it might just be time for a kick in the ass.

Blog at least 4 days a week....aim for 5. 
Really if I took some time to sit down and write out all the shit I have in my head I could probably set this bad boy up with posts for the rest of the month...but that would involve touching the computer outside or work and school purposes...eek! 

Early wake up yoga at least 3x a week. 
This has been a goal for a long time and I think if I could just get started I might actually be able to make it a habit. I need that stretching and time to myself in the morning before I start staring at computers and working with children all day. 

Say Yes. 
I have been saying "no thanks" a lot lately, and I really think it has to do with the weather and just being down & tired but I need to just say yes more. Yes, I can go workout with you. Yes, I can go to dinner with you. Yes, I can cook tonight. Just more yes. 

Figure out a travel budget/savings. 
This is a huge part of what gets me down and frustrated, I need travel and getting away from the daily grind. I used to always find a way to save up enough to take trips, so its time to get back to that. It might mean no more stops at Starbucks 3x a week but that extra $25 could go into the "Travel fund" 

Follow Through. 
Haha this one might seem like a cheat but if I can actually follow through with the first 4 then I deserve to give myself a pat on the damn back. 

What is your five today? Do you have any goals you hope to meet in March? 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Things I don't regret...

I find myself coming across posts with people voicing regrets more often than saying what they don't regret so I thought I might try something a little different....

-I don't regret not going away to school. It was an option, I chose to stay and didn't finish. Everything happens for a reason and wasting 60K+ and not having a clue what career I wanted seems not so smart...

-I don't regret the mistakes I made with a certain guy. You live & you learn right? It made me appreciate what I had even more and it also made me see how shitty some men can be...

-I don't regret making the decision to go to Thailand instead of moving to Florida to live near my real father and work for him. I got to see places in the world I had only dreamed of instead of ending up in an office working hard to impress my father. 

-I don't regret the trip I took with K, that almost ruined our friendship. When all was said and done we go to do so much and even though it was a mess for most of it I don't regret getting to see 5 different countries and try tons of new things.

-I don't regret letting go of that toxic friendship and refusing to pick it up again. She was never a good friend to me and I never knew how to let it go...but I did and even though it still lingers and she is still around I never want to go back down that road again. 

-I don't regret deciding to stay in Chicago and not immediately rushing right back abroad when things got tough. This one actually took the past couple months to really confirm that I am ok with that decision. If I had run right back I may not have worked things out with The Boy, I may have missed some amazing moments with my family. 

-I don't regret blogging. At times I have worried that what I say on here could bite me in the ass, especially some things I wrote in the beginning but it has always been honest and blogging generally makes me happy! 

What are some things you don't regret??

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Humpday Confessions!

I confess....

- Thanks to Kathy's humpday mention of GOMI I have spent the better part of the last hour reading terribly hateful things from angry angry people. I never cease to be amazed at how mean people can be!! 
**now that I have spent too much time on there today I don't think I disagree with most of it....

- I have been trying to get back on the "workout wagon" for the past two weeks with great failure. 

-I give things up for lent each year even though I stopped being a Catholic around 10 years ago. I think it really ends up being a way to help rid myself of anything I am addicted to once a year. 

- I have caught myself looking for jobs in other cities a lot recently...I think this winter is really making it hard for me to appreciate being back in Chicago! 

-I didn't watch the Oscars...I haven't watched any award show in years. I wait until the next day to look at Who Wore What posts and Google the performances that had good reviews. 

-For every busy weekend I like to follow it up with a lazy this weekend I will do NOTHING...and love it. 

-I really want to go to Bonaroo this year and have basically taken to convincing anyone who will listen that they should go with if you are going lets be friends :) 

That's all folks!! What are you confessing today?? 

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