Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday Funday...

I woke up in a good mood today...which is surprising since we lost an hour and I love sleep. But that aside...I had a pretty interesting weekend!

Let me just tell you all that sometimes a Sunday night dinner with your best friend can make everything right in the world. It has been a long time since we have done that and I think it definitely made my weekend end on a great note!

On another happy note we surprised Sniferella with an edible arrangement & some gifts from the Pleasure Chest because we are good friends and that is what good friends do!

I couldn't figure out how to steal the damn pic! I may have mentioned before I love Uncle Julio's and I was so excited to catch up with Apples finally! 

Birthday girl! 

Her Edible Arrangment 

I've been dying for some Jamaican food so The Boy took me to one of the spots we like and we pigged out big time! 

Seems like I ate a lot this weekend! How was yours?? 


Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

omg that food. and my stomach is growling for lunch! looks like a great weekend. to get that pic, take a screen cap of it :)

-kathy | Vodka and Soda

Erin said...

mmm Jamaican food! also, i hope your friend shared the edible arrangement, those thangs are a delight

Mandy @ Mandy's Money said...

Looks like a good weekend with good food! I miss drinks!

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

Jamaican food sounds/looks AMAZING! I've never had it before! What a fun date night!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Jamaican food! When I was pregnant with my 3rd son, I craved it soooo much that I ate there almost every week. It was bad (but in the good way).

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